The Tide Rolls-In Pretty High in
St. Mark's Square,
Some Photos Here,
Just In Case You Were Wondering
What I Do With My ill Gotten Gains.....

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The  Cinque Terre
(The 5 Villages)

We Hiked the Cliff-Path to
Monterossa  al  Mare

I wasToo-Beat
to keep Hiking,
So we took the Ferry-Boat
back to our Hotel in

Not Enough
Excitment in Your Life?

The Amalfi Coast

Notice Bus
Grinding Car into Stone Wall.

Pretty Good Apartment Location!

Back of  The Louvre  on the Right.

The Seine  on the Left.

Some  Old Tower  in the Middle.

In  Washington
to Talk some Sense
to our
Dysfunctional Government.

We Failed....

The  3  Wayward  Doc's
on   Champagne Flight
The London Eye
The  Backyard
at my
Semi-Retirement Home.

Will be moving there in 2014.
Guess Where.....
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By the Way,
The Brits get Really Pissed
when you Step Outside
for a Photo.....

Long Ago,  and  Far Away.
Dad's Farm.

Appleton,  W.N.Y.

At Our Old Canal & Beach House on   Topsail Island

Upper-Right on Boat   Liza,  Cisco,  and  Adam.

At  Lower-Left on our Boat-Dock   Adam,  John,  and  Jacob.