Strippit  "S" & "M" Series
Workclamps & Repair Parts
Around 1990, Strippit Finally got around to Upgrading their Workclamp Designs.

The Old Pivoting-Type that Strippit had used since 1970,  was an Ancient Copy of 1960's Wiedemann Workclamps.   The Problem with this Type of Workclamp was that the Gripping-Jaws Traveled in a Arc as Clamp Moved Up & Down, 
so Gripped Work-Sheet was Never Parallel to Support-Tables or Punch Dies, 
which Lead to Tooling Punch-Marks on Parts,  or even Part Jam-Ups in Turret.

New S & M Workclamps were Similar to Amada Design,  in that Clamp-Body was in Bearing-Guides that allowed it to Move Straight Up & Down,  keeping the Workclamp & Gripped-Worksheet Parallel to Support Tables & Tooling,  leading to Higher Quality Parts with Better Accuracy,  Less Marking,  & Less Jams-Ups.
These are Very Good Workclamps. 

But The Problem with these New Types of Workclamps is that Strippit Made  
Endless Variations of the Same Basic Design!    And Strippit Shipped the Same 
Model Machines with Different Workclamps at Different times.
So,  No One is Ever-Sure of Which Version was Put on Your Machine when it
was Built,  or which are the Correct Parts to Repair Your Workclamps!

Some Types of Workclamps that Strippit Made;
---  Inch Versions
---  Metric Versions
---  Versions with Both Inch & Metric Parts
---  Standard Versions
---  Programmable Versions for the Left-Side
---  Programmable Versions for the Right-Side

Very Confusing for Everyone.
This S-Type of Workclamp was used on the Following Machines;
---  1000S
---  1000SX
---  1000SXP
---  1000SXP/30
---  1250S
---  1250SX
---  1250SXP
---  1250SXP/30
---  1250M
---  1250MXP/30
---  1250MH
---  1250MH/30
  as well as Other Machine Model Variations.

Most of Strippit's  30-Ton Machines  are a Variant of  S & M  Type Workclamp.

Most of Strippit's 20-Ton Machines  use the Cheaper  R-Type Workclamp.
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Common Repair Parts;

  Item #22
  #119903-000  Gage Block
  Uses  2   Item #21 
  Inch or Metric  Screws

  Item #23  Lower-Jaw

  Early Inch-Type

  #119902-300  The More  
  Common Metric-Type

And don't forget to Order  4
Item #18  Inch or Metric  Screws for Each Lower Jaw

Item #24

These are Our
Type with
2 Carbide-Teeth
for 3-Times the
of Original
Knife-Edge Type!
Here are 2 Views of Programmable
S & M  Type  Workclamps.
Note the
Clamping Air Cylinder on Top
Below is Diagram of a Typical
Standard   S  &  M  Type Workclamp
We Can Supply
New Workclamp Assemblies

The No-Punch Zone Vanes are Unbolted and Transferred from your Old Workclamps to New Workclamps.

If you have
(Instead of Manual Handles)
the Air-Clamping Mechanism is also Moved from Old Workclamps to
New Workclamps.

2 Photos show Front and Side View of our New Workclamps.

Note Also,  Unlike Strippit,  Our Clamp Body is a 2-Piece Assembly.   So if you Damage Front-Bottom Part,  it can be Replaced without Replacing the Top-Back Part.

Much Easier to Replace  as you Replace  HALF the Clamp Body
and  Save  HALF the Money!

With Strippit,  you have to Replace the Complete 1-Piece Body.
Above-LEFT  is our  2-Piece  S & M  Type Workclamp Body Assembly.
If it is ever DamagedJust Replace the Front-Bottom Piece,  
Shown on the  RIGHT-AboveMuch Easier and for Half the Money of a Complete Body!

Unfortunately,  Strippit Foolishly has made 3-Different Versions of Workclamp Bodies.

To find-out Which Version You need,
You Measure 1 Bolt  Item #15  that  Bolts  Item #16  Linear Guide Bearing  to your
Old  Item #17  "Clamp Body Machining"  which we just call the Workclamp Body.

This is Not that hard to do,  and  will only take about 10 minutes.

1  --  Remove a Workclamp from your Machine.
2  --  Remove  2  Item #34 Bolts  and  Item #8 Clamp Plate from backside of Workclamp
3  --  Remove  2  Item #29 Bolts  and  Item #27 Spring  from  Item #25  Blocks
4  --  Remove  8  Item #36  1/4"-20  or  6mm  Bolts  from  Item #5  Stationary Plate
5  --  Separate Workclamp into 2 Pieces for access to  Item #16  Linear Guide Bearing
6  --  Remove any 1 of the 4  Item #15  Bolts through Item #16  Linear Guide Bearing
       Measure  Bolt Size,   it will be  1 of the following  3  Sizes;
       1/4"    (about  .250")  Mainly used  1989  to  1995        Order  Clamp Body  Inch-Type
       6mm  (about  .236")  Mainly used  1995  to  2000        Order  Clamp Body  6mm-Type
       5mm  (about  .197")  Rare, Sometimes used  1999+   Order  Clamp Body  5mm-Type

Please Note!!!

All of Strippit's Early Workclamps used  Inch-Threads 
on All Bolts & Screws & Tapped-Holes.

Later-On about 1995,  Strippit Gradually Switched-Over to the Metric System,
and Now All Original Equipment Strippit Workclamps use only
Metric-Threads  on All Bolts & Screws & Tapped-Holes.

Most Workclamps Parts that We, The Machine Technologies Co.  Furnish,
will have  Inch-Threads  on All Bolts & Screws & Tapped-Holes, 
with Exception of  S  &  M  Metric  Clamp Body  6mm-Type  &  5mm-Type.

View of
S & M  Type Workclamps

Below is Some of the Workclamp Repair Parts We Stock
Below is Our Replacement 2-Piece Workclamp Body
S & M  Workclamp Air Cylinder

Strippit  S & M  Type Workclamp  Air Cylinder 
are Item #30  and
Part  #803240-000

And remember to get
Item #35  Part #17442-000
Air Fittings

If you have Ever Bought a
New Complete  S & M  Type
Workclamp Assembly  from
Machine Technologies, 
We Use a  Different  Air Cyclinder!

For  Machine Technologies
S & M  Workclamps(Not Strippit)
Use  Item #30  and
Part  #803240-MOD