R-Series  &  H-Series  Workclamps
This Type of Workclamps is used on the Following Strippit Machines;

---  FC630R                                   ---  FC1250R
---  FC1000R                                 ---  FC1250R/2
---  FC1000R2                               ---  FC1250XP
---  FC1000R/20                            ---  FC1250XP20
---  FC1000/20                              ---  FC1250H20
---  FC1000XP
---  FC1000XP20
---  FC1000H20

Because Strippit has No Engineering Discipline,
There are  Several Variations  &  Sub-Variations of this Same Basic Workclamp!

Note!  Some Workclamps use All Inch Screws & Bolts,  Some use Metric Screws & Bolts,  and Many are a  Mix of Both Inch & Metric Screws & Bolts!
When Ordering Repair PartsFind-Out if the Part You Need is  Inch  or  Metric!!!

The 2 Main Variations are the  "R-Type"  and the  "H-Type". 

Heavy Machined-Base of the Clamps are a Bit-Different,  with No-Punch Vanes Mounted on Top of some Clamps,  and on the Bottom of other Clamps.

The  5 Main Repair Parts;
#5 Upper-Jaw#8 Lower-Jaw#17 Clamp-Body#10 Dowel-Pin#2 Air-Cylinder
  are used Over & Over Again,  and are the Same on All of these Workclamps.

Above is Diagram of a Typical   R  &  H  WorkClamp.
We Stock Following Repair Parts;

#2  --  #8507107-000   Air Cylinder

#4  --  #17442-000   Elbow Air Fitting for Air Cylinder

#5  --  #120372-000   Upper-Jaw,  with  2 Carbide-Teeth for  Stronger-Gripping!

#28 --  Set-Screw used in Center of Original Strippit Upper-Jaws for  "Gripping".
          As they Do Not Hold Worth a Damn,   We do Not use this Set-Screw.
          Our Upper-Jaws use  2 Carbide-Teeth for Stronger-Gripping Power!

#8  --  #120786-000   or   #120768-000    Lower-Jaw
          Strippit used Both Part Numbers  in their Part & Maintenance Manuals.
          Lower-Jaw  uses  4   8-32 Inch Flat-Screws  or  4   Metric Flat-Screws 
          Which can be Specified at Time of Your Repair Parts Order.

#10 --  #8203212-000   Dowel Pin,  Anchors  &  Locates the Upper-Jaw.  
         These Pins Break-Easy,   Buy Some Extras!!!

#17 --  Clamp Body.   There were  2-Types  that Strippit Machined Differently,
          Nobody Seems to Know Why  or  When Strippit Changed these Parts!

  #120531-000  Early-Type,  Back of Body to Center of Rear Hole is about 1.660"

  #120531-Mod  Later-Type, Back of Body to Center of Rear Holes is about 1.793"
                        The  #120531-Mod  is the Most Common Type of Clamp Body!

        Measure Your Clamp Body!   Photo Of This Measurement Is Below.
        Specify which Type Clamp-Body You Need!   If you have Wrong Type Body,
        the  #34 Cross-Bolt  will Interfere with the  2   #30  Height-Adjuster  Sets!

        And,  For Strippit to Further Confuse Their Customers,
        Some of Strippit's Clamp Bodies were Drilled & Tapped for  Inch Screws,
        Some of Strippit's Clamp Bodies were Drilled & Tapped for  Metric Screws.

        All Our Clamp Bodies  ( Both   #120531-000  &   #120531-Mod ) 
        are  All  Drilled & Tapped for  Inch Screws Only!
        Four 8-32 Holes for Lower Jaw,  &  Four 10-32 Holes for Height-Adjusters.
        If you are Replacing a Strippit  Metric-Tapped Body  with Our  Inch-Body,
        You will Need these  8  Inch-Type Screws for Each Clamp-Body Ordered.

#23 --  #8203213-000   3/8-Inch  Positioning Pull-Dowel Pin, 
          Locates & Anchors the Clamp-Body,  2 used per Workclamp.  

#25 --  Flat-Head Screw,  4 used on Each Lower Jaw.   Specify Type You Need!
          #802104-00i   for the   8-32 Inch Type
          #802104-00m    for the    M4 Metric Type

#30 --  Height-Adjuster Set.   1-Set  is Used for Each Workclamp.
          Each Set Consists of  4 Screws  &  4 Spacers  &  2 Stop-Bars.
          And there has been  Both  Inch & Metric Screw Versions!

          Specify which Set-Type You Need,   INCH  or  METRIC!
         #30  Height-Adjuster Set--Inch,  for the  10-32  Type Inch Set.
         #30  Height-Adjuster Set--Metric,  for the  M5  Type Metric Set.

         Note that All of Our Clamp Bodies use  #30  Height-Adjuster Set--Inch.

#34 --  #802174-000   Metric Cross-Bolt  &  Metric Jam Set-Screw  for Most
          R-Type Workclamp Bases.   Cross-Bolt goes through Height-Adjusters.

          Note #1 --  Some Early Cross-Bolts are Inch Size,  Not Metric.
          Note #2 --  Some Late Workclamps do Not use Cross-Bolts at all,  but
                            uses   2   3/16" x 1"  Roll-Pins on Each Workclamp instead!

#19 & #22  --  Some Workclamps have a  #19  Bolt  &  #22  Jam Set-Screw at
          Front-Top of Workclamp.   Many Workclamps do Not have these Parts!
          Parts may be  Inch  or  Metric,  Measure yours!

#1   --  Clamp Bolt,  2 used per Workclamp to Clamp to the Machine-Carriage.

         But,  We Recommend the  Quick-Adjust  Handles,  Please Measure
         and Specify if your Workclamps need   3/8-INCH  or  M10-METRIC  Type!
         #803563-inc    3/8-Inch  Quick-Adjust Handle
         #803563-met   M10-Metric  Quick-Adjust Handle   See Handle Photo Below.

This page was last updated: November 7, 2015
Above  is a Typical  R-Workclamp
on a Strippit  FC1000R  Machine.

Note,  it has the  No-Punch Vanes on Top.
Above  is a Typical
H-Workclamp  on a Strippit  FC1250H20  Machine.
Note,  it has  No-Punch Vane on the Bottom.
We also Stock Complete  New Workclamp Assemblies
like these  Shown Above.

These will work for Both Versions of the  R & H Workclamps.
You simply Bolt-On No-Punch Vanes from Your Old Workclamps,
Slide Workclamps on Machine,  and Plug-In the Air Hoses.
"R"  &  "H"   Workclamp Body Types,
Please  Measure & Order The Correct-Type  Clamp Body!!!

#120531-000   Early-Type Clamp-Body,   NOT  Commonly Used Anymore,
Back of Body to Center of Rear Holes is  About  1.660 Inches.

#120531-Mod   Later-Type Clamp-Body,   This is Most Common-Type,
Back of Body to Center of Rear Holes is  About  1.793 Inches.
We also Stock Complete New
Short-Workclamp  Assemblies
like these  Shown Above.

These Short-Workclamps will Move your Punch-Sheet
Back  7.5 Inches  in the  Y-Axis
Allowing you to Run Wider Part Sheets.

These will work on All Machines that use the R & H Workclamps.

You simply Slide Workclamps on Machine, and Plug-In Air Hoses.
Machine Technologies Co.
Strippit Parts & Service
Workclamp Handles

Here is a
Set of 4 Handles
2 Workclamps

Order the Correct 3/8-Inch

Please Note!!!

All of Strippit's Early Workclamps used  Inch-Threads 
on All Bolts & Screws & Tapped-Holes.

Later-On,  Strippit Gradually Switched-Over to the Metric System.

Some Strippit Workclamps use a Mix of Both  Inch  &  Metric Screws & Bolts!

Now All Original Equipment Strippit Workclamps use only
Metric-Threads  on All Bolts & Screws & Tapped-Holes.

All Workclamps Parts that We,  The Machine Technologies Co.   Furnish,
will have  Inch-Threads  on All Bolts & Screws & Tapped-Holes.

If You Specify Metric at Time of Your Workclamp Parts Order,
we can Supply  Metric-Threads  on  Bolts & Screws,  but any
Tapped-Holes on Parts,  Like Workclamp Bodies,  will Still be  Inch-Threads.

Workclamp Repair Parts