More  Strippit  Machine Repair Parts
We Specialize In  Strippit  HECC80 Electronic Control  &  Machine Repair Parts.

But We Do Get-In Some Miscellaneous Machine Parts for Newer Machines with
Fanuc and PC-Controls.   Here are some of these Parts that are Available.
If You See Something You Need,   Get-It-Quick,   as these may be One-Time Deals!
Note,  There Are Many New Items Added-On To Bottom Of This Page!

#802494-000  Accumulator Bladder.
Note, We Can Special Order These!

#802485-00  Hydraulic Filter

#119490-000  Ballscrew
                      Axis Bumper

#801987-000  1/2" Air-Oiler

#801986-000  1/2" Air-Filter

#802501-000  Hydraulic Rotary-Seal.
Note,   See Info & Photos on
  New-Style Rotary-Seal Below!

#802495-000  Vickers
                       Hydraulic Valve

#802495-000  Stilson Vac-Loc Block
Air Cylinder for   
---  Auto-Index Lock
---  Side-Gage Pin

#803240-000   Workclamp Air Cylinder

Air Cylinder for Machines that use 2-Cylinders for each Turret  Shotpin

Sensor Switches

#  18576-000
#  18576-000
#  24696-000
#  18847-000
#  19940-000

Loader / Unloader
Vacuum Cups
  3 1/2"  Tool Lifter

# ???
3 1/2"  Tool Lifter

  Tool Lifter

Many Special
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Micron  #45-307-526-1830
Rotary-Switch  Assembly
which is
Strippit  #802029-000
And is
Used on the
Auto-Index Turret Stations

Above is Strippit Part Number   #107727-100   Auto-Index Coupling.
2 are Used  (1 on Upper-Turret  &  1 on Lower-Turret)
to Engage A/I Gearboxes for Auto-Index Turret Stations.

We have these  Special  #107727-100  Couplings  In-Stock!
Strippit FC1000R Parts

I have a Customer that had a FC1000R Machine with Strippit's Crappy Apple MAC PC Control.   He had so much trouble with this "Control",   he finally paid Strippit to do their Fanuc Control Retrofit that they offer. 

Strippit  "Keeps"  the Old PC Control so they can resell the Boards in it to other  "R" Customers so they can make Money off of you in 2 ways.  

In Strippit's Defense,  this Customer is Happy with the Fanuc Control Retrofit,  so far,  and feels that Strippit did a Good Job of doing this Retrofit.

Customer also had a few Spare Parts that Strippit did not get,  so we will offer them to you here.

Servo Drive for  X  or  Y Axis.
Reliance Electric  /  Electro-Craft 
Model #DDM-030    Part #9101-1396
This Drive comes with 
--  Software Set-Up Disks, 
--  Software PC Download Cable
--  500 page User Manual.

Murr Elektronik Power Supply
MNG.  10-230/24
Input  230 VAC
Output  24 VDC @ 10 Amp.

Baldor  3-Phase Turret Drive Motor
2 HP
208 / 230 / 460 VAC
1725 RPM

Strippit Part #802502-000
New Industrial #210415
Disk-Pack Set
(6 Friction & 5 Steel-Spacer)

This Pac Can Used on
Either of the
Clutch-Side or Brake-Side of
Strippit FC1000R Machines's
Hydraulic #211535 Clutch/Brake Unit.

Can Also Used on
Brake-Side of Strippit
Machine's Hydraulic
#211945  Clutch/Brake  Unit
Strippit Part #802503-000
New Industrial #210410
Disk-Pack Set
(8 Friction & 7 Steel-Spacer)

Used on
Clutch-Side of Strippit
Hydraulic #211945 Clutch/Brake Unit
Grinding Wheels

If you have a Strippit  #85010-000  or  #72150-000  Tool-Sharpener Machine,
like Shown Above,
Then you will  Need  New Grinding Wheels  from Time to Time.

Unfortunately,  Strippit now Sells Only  Crappy  Imported  Wheels
that have  Less  Abrasive-Material  than  Original  Wheels,
and use a  Very Poor  Binder-Glue,
so they are  "Soft"  And  "Wear Out"  Very Fast!

We Now Supply these  Special-Size
Original  #12359-000  Grinding Wheels

If you want a Top-Quality  Grinder Wheel  for your  Strippit Tool Sharpener,
Give Us a Call!
We are  The-Only-Source  for these  Special-Size  Grinding Wheels
Special Fanuc Control Parts
Does the  Keyboard Overlay on your  Fanuc OP Control  look like One Above?
Then You Need to Replace It!    Why?   Two Reasons;

1 -- The Operator or Maintenance Technician could easily Press Wrong Key,
      Causing loss or Corruption of your Part Programs.   Or Worse,  Loss of a
      Control Parameter,  in which case  Machine would NOT Run until Repaired!

2 -- Oil & Dirt can Enter Control causing Failure of Expensive
      Keyboard and Other Control Parts.

Below is Picture of  Same Fanuc Control,  after  Replacement with New
Special  Strippit-Type  Fanuc OP Overlay.   We have this Special Part In-Stock!
Did Your Knuckle-Head Fork-Lift Operator Run into Your Machine?   Again?

Then you better Fix the Servo Motor-End before CNC Control
"Loses Feedback Position" and Axis  "Runs Away"  which could Damage Servo Motor,  Servo Drive,  and Ballscrew.   Not to Mention,  a Big Safety Hazard as Someone could get Hurt Badly if Caught in the  "Runaway"!

This particular Fanuc Servo Motor simply needs Motor End-Cap Replaced and Feedback Cable Connectors Remounted on New Cap.
New Motor Caps come in Several Different Sizes.   To get Correct Cap,
we will Need Data off of Motor I.D. Plate on Side of Damaged Motor.
We Also Have
7-Key  "Softkey" Overlay   for the  "SoftKey Keyboard"
which is  Located Under  CRT-Monitor Display.
NOTE!   We have ONLY 1 Set Left,  So Act Fast!
Hydraulic Clutch & Brake  QRV Rotary-Valve
In Late 1980's and most of 1990's,  Strippit Switched from  Air Clutch & Brakes  on their  Mechanical Press-Drive CNC Machines,  to using a Combination Hydraulic Clutch & Brake Assembly.  
1  --  Had Drip Catch-Ring Inside-Diameter Hole Opened-Up on a Lathe,  so that
Rotary-Valve could Not Touch it.
2  --  Scrapped away most of old RTV.
3  --  Installed  New-Style Rotary-Valve.

Note,  when Installing Valve,  Very  Carefully install Hydraulic Hose Fitting on Valve Before Mounting it on Machine.    This is to help Prevent Excessive Side-Thrust on
Valve which can Permanently Damage it!  
New-Style Valve  also does Not have Grease Fittings like Old-Style Valve.

Real Problem  with This Particular Machine is  Crankshaft Bearings  are  Worn-Out 
which allows Crankshaft to Sag Down from Original Position,  and will  Break Parts  & Always leak oil  until  Pressdrive is Rebuilt.
This is The Problem with   ALL  R-Type Machines  as  Cheap-Ass  Strippit 
Grease System  DOES  NOT  WORK!
R  &  XP  Machine Ballscrew Couplings

In Early 1980's,  Strippit Solved a Persistent Machine Problem with Keyed-Ballscrew Couplings by Upgrading to New Keyless-Couplings which did Not get Sloppy Loose Keys,  and Fall-Apart.

In 1990,  Strippit Introduced the  R & XP Machines.   To make Machines Cheaper,  Strippit  Stupidly went Backwards to Old Keyed-Couplings again,   and  "Duh!",   Same Old Problems came Back.

If you have  Loose,  Broken,  Falling-Apart  Ballscrew Couplings  causing Tolerance Problems  or Worse,   Replace it with  Our  Keyless-Coupling,  which has  2  Advantages;
1  --  It has a Higher Tork-Rating  than  Original Coupling,  making it  Much more Durable.
2  --  It Clamps onto Motor & Ballscrew Shafts,  even if Shafts are  "Less than Perfect" 
        from Damage caused by Old Coupling.  
        Just Clean-Up any  Burrs & Rough-Spots  on Shafts with a Flat-File,  Slide Coupling On Shafts,
        Center Coupling Between Shafts,  and  Tighten Lock-Collars at each end.  
         No More Keys to Fit & Install.     No more Keys to Rock Back & Forth and get Loose.

There are Many Misprint-Mistakes in Strippit's Part Manuals.   In  1  "R-Machine"  Parts Manual,  this Same  X & Y Axis Ballscrew Coupling is Listed as   #120823-000,   #120832-000,  and   #120382-000 !

To make Sure you get Correct Coupling,   Measure  Both  Your  Motor  &  Ballscrew Shafts.  
Most of these Machines have   .750"  Motor-Shaft    and   .718"  Ballscrew-Shaft   Diameters, 
and that is the Coupling we Stock,  though we can Make any Coupling you might want.
Below Photo,     New  Keyless-Coupling  on Left,    Old  Keyed-Coupling  on Right.
Especially on the Various  R-Type Machines,  Clutch-Brake Assembly and Rotary Valves had a Tendency to Leak Hydraulic Fluid.   Rather than Fix Problem,  Strippit Installed Mechanical  "Band-Aid" Catch-Ring which was suppose to Collect Fluid Drips and Pipe them back to Tank through lower Black-Tube in Photo.

Look at Gap at  Top of QRV-Valve,  and  Bottom of Valve  on this 1000R.  Strippit went  Cheap on
All  R-Machines  and used a Simple Manual or Semi-Auto Grease System instead of their Excellent  Earlier  Pressure Oil Lube System on Crankshaft Bearings.   Grease System did Not work worth a Crap & allowes Bearings to Wear-Out.  Have seen Machines with  3/8" (.375")  of Bearing Slop.  New Machines have about  .008" Bearing Clearance.   Crankshaft Flops Around with Every Punch,  this Damages Clutch-Brake Seals & Internal Parts & QRV-Valve.   Eventually Pitman Breaks,  and for  Thousands of Dollars you  Rebuild Press-Drive & start over again.
This Customer added  Orange RTV-Silicon everywhere,  as if  that would help.

We Stock
New  #802501-000
QRV Rotary-Valve
which is a
Direct Replacement
for the Old-Style Valve
which is
Not Made Anymore.
Grinding Wheels
Magnetic Limit Switches
In the 1980's & 1990's,  Strippit used Magnetic Limit Switches on most Machines for
X & Y & T-Axis  Slow-Down,  Zero,  and  Over-Travel Switch Functions.   Sometimes
on Tool Doors also.    Most of these Switches were 1 of the following 3 Part Numbers.
They are  All the Same Switch,    Normally-Open  But  Held-Closed  By Magnet
with just  Different Cable Lengths;
#19149-000     Normally-Open  Switch  with    3 Foot  Cable
#19146-000     Normally-Open  Switch  with    9 Foot  Cable
#800435-000   Normally-Open  Switch  with  16 Foot  Cable
We Stock the
#800435-000   Normally-Open  Limit Switch,   Used for  All  3  Above Part Numbers.


There is also 1 other Odd  Magnetic Limit Switch  Strippit used on Many Machines that Used  Fanuc GN6 Control.    This is a   Normally-Closed   But  Held-Open  By Magnet  Switch  that was mainly used for the  Turret-Zero Switch.

#801111-000   Normally-Closed  Switch,   The  Opposite of  #800435-000 !
We also Stock this    #801111-000  Normally-Closed  Switch.

Note,  All  Our Switches  also  Come-With  The Matching  #19147-000  Magnet!

I/O Modules
Many Strippit Machines using Fanuc CNC Controls used Various  I/O Modules.

Input-Modules   are used to Isolate and Condition Machine Switch Signals going into Control.   Modules would Typically be Marked  "IDC24"  or Similar.

Output-Modules   are used by Control to Power Solenoid Valves and other External Devices.   Modules would Typically be Marked  "ODC24",  "OAC24"  or Similar.

We can Supply all of these Modules.

While the Strippit Part Number is Helpful, Strippit's Manuals often have Part Number Errors,  so we Need You to
Read Numbers off of The Module  to insure
that we Supply you Correct Module.
S-Machine Ballscrew Couplings

In 1990's,  Strippit introduced the S-Machines.   Some Models in this Class of Machine are;  1000S,  1000SX,  1000SXP,  1000SXP/30,  1250S,  1250SXP,  1250SXP/30,  1250M,  1250MH,  1250MXP/30,  amongst others.  Excellent Machines used a  Keyless  "Ring-Fetter" Coupling which worked well.   

However,  if it did get loose from Crashes,  it could tear itself Apart before Operator would notice. 
Strippit Engineering Stupidity did Not have  "Limit"  Switches on Ends of  X & Y Axis of S-Machines,  so you Could  "Crash"  Ballscrew Hard into End of  X or  Y Carriage under some circumstances!
Rumor has-it that Strippit did not want to Pay-For another I/O Board in the Fanuc Control,  so they Just  "Eliminated"  Axis Protection that had been considered Necessary for the prior 30 years!

If you have a  Loose,  Broken,  Falling-Apart  Ballscrew Coupling causing Tolerance Problems,  or Worse,  Replace it with Our Keyless-Coupling,  which has  3 Advantages;
1  --  It does Not Cost Strippit's  Normal   "All Of Your Money and Your Arm & Leg"   Pricing.
2  --  It has a Higher Tork-Rating than Original Coupling,  making it More Durable.
3  --  It Very-Easily Clamps onto Motor & Ballscrew Shafts,  even if Shafts are  "Less than Perfect"  from Damage caused by Old Coupling.   Just Clean-Up any Burrs & Rough-Spots on Shafts with a Flat-File,  Slide Coupling On Shafts,  Center Coupling Between Shafts,  and Tighten just 1-Screw on Lock-Collar at each end,  and you are Done.   Very Quick & Easy to Install!   No Bazillion Strippit-Type Coupling  Parts to Assemble!    No Keys to Fit & Install,  or to get Loose.

To make Sure you get Correct Coupling,  Measure Both Your  Motor  &  Ballscrew Shafts.  
Most of these Machines have  1.375"  Fanuc Motor-Shaft   and   .750"  Ballscrew-Shaft Diameters.
Custom Couplings

We also Design and Manufacture Custom Couplings
for Any Strippit Machine, 
and for
Any Other Machine Tool also!

Simply Provide;

---  Both End-Shaft Sizes.

---  Motor Stall-Tork Rating,
     Read it off of the Motor  I.D. Plate.

---  Custom Couplings  take about  
     3  to  4  Weeks to Manufacture, 
     so  Order your New Coupling
     Before  Your Old Coupling
     Fails Completely!

#803402-000   R-Machine
Turret Drive Belt

#802038-000   Auto-Index
Rotary Limit-Switch Belt

#801664-000   Auto-Index
Drive Belt  for  FC1000/3,
S-Machines,  M-Machines

#803445-000  Auto-Index
Drive Belt  for  R-Machines

FUJI  Electric
50 Amp.   500 Volt

Modules are used in some Fanuc  &  General Numeric Servo Drives as well as many other applications.

These are  NEW
Un-Used  Old-Stock.

Strippit  "AG"  Autogage Control System.

18/30AG  and  30/30AG  Strippit Single-Punch Machines used this Earlix Control System.   We Pulled this Control and 2 Stepper Motors off of a Damaged Machine.

As Earlix Co. is Out-Of-Business  you should Buy this System so that you have Spare Repair Parts to Repair Your Machine.

Fanuc  Servo-Motor
R  &  XP  Machine Ballscrew Couplings

Over  90%  of  R  &  XP  Machines used Strippit's Crappy CNC Controls based on  Apple-MAC  or
IBM-PC  Personal Computers.   Strippit did offer,  as  Extra Cost Option,  a Industrial Quality Fanuc CNC Control  &  Servo-Drives  &  Servo-Motors,  but few were sold as Machine Buyers went Cheap.
Congratulate yourself if you were smart enough to have bought your Machine with Fanuc Control.
But Strippit Stupidly used the same Crappy Coupling Type that will fall apart eventually.

Our Coupling Retrofit show in Above Photos will Not fit,  as the Fanuc Motors used had
Odd Tapered-Shafts.   To Compensate for this,  Strippit Manufactured a  1.000"  Outside Diameter  Adapter Bushing that Fit Over Motor Tapered-Shaft and which also had a Lock-Nut on end of shaft.

We now offer,  a Custom Coupling Retrofit for these Fanuc Control Machines that fits the same
.718"  Ballscrew-End  and also fits over the 1.000" Strippit  Adapter-Bushing-End,  which is retained.
See the 2 Fanuc Coupling Photos Below.

There are  Many  Misprint-Mistakes  in  Strippit's Part Manuals.
So to make Sure you get Correct Coupling,   Measure  Both Your  Motor  &  Ballscrew  Shafts!


I have  In-Stock,
1 Good-Used
Tool-Sharpener Machine

I have Personally taken apart
and Cleaned the
Feed-Mechanism and  the
so they Both
work Smoothly.

It has a Good
and has the

I Rarely have these For-Sale
so if you want a Good Strippit
as I only have
this 1!