STRIPPIT Super 30/30 Table Fix STRIPPIT_SUPER_30-30_Table-Fix
Super 30/30  &  Super 30/40
Table Fix
Super 30/30   &   Super 30/40
Table  Jack-Screw  Repair

Strippit   Custom 18/30,   Custom 30/30,   and  Custom 30/40  Machines 
have  Solid Fixed Table-Mounts  and their  Tables do Not Move Up & Down.  

Strippit   Super 30/30   and   Super 30/40  Machines
Do have  Adjustable Tables  using  4 Chain-Driven Jack-Screws  and
Can Move Table  Up & Down  using the  Rotary-Handle  at Front of Machine.

But,  As Nobody Maintains Jack-Screws,  oil & greasing,  adjusting chain,  etc.
they tend to fail in old-age.   Many Tables are also Damaged by Knuckle-Heads who Bump into Machines with Fork-Lifts,  Careless Machine Riggers  &  Movers, 
or  Idiots trying to pick-up  Machine with Forks under Table.

As these Machines are now Decades out of production,
Jack-Screw Parts are Not Available,  so  any  Special Parts you need
will have to be  Fabricated by yourself  or  a Good Machine Shop.

As Adjustable Tables are rarely needed  or used,  you can
Repair by making  Solid Table-Mounts  to take the  Place of Jack-Screws
Just like on a   Custom 30/30  or  Custom 30/40  Machine.

1  --  Cut & make some Wood Blocks of  4" x 4"  or  6" x 6"  to Block-Up and
        use as Safety-Stands so there is  NO Possibility  that the
        Very Heavy Plate-Steel Table
        could Tilt or Fall  and  Crush someone working underneath Table!

2  --  Put a Scissor-Jack near 1 of the 4 Corner Jack-Screws and Jack-Up that
        Corner just enough to take Table Weight off of Jack-Screw.

        Put  Wood-Blocks under Table as a  Safety-Stand  so there is
        NO  Possibility  that  Plate-Steel Table could Tilt  or  Fall  and
        Crush someone working underneath!

3  --  Unbolt that Corner's Jack-Screw  and  Slide it out of Machine.

4  --  Make  8  --  1/4" Steel Plates  about  4" x 4"  or so,   and
        Drill bolt-hole pattern  on to  Steel Plates to
        Match  Top  &  Bottom  Mounting-Plates  of the Old Jack-Screw
        to become  New End-Plates for  New Solid Table-Mounts.

5  --  Cut  4  pieces of  Thick-Wall  2" x 2" Steel Square Tubing.
        Measure length so that when New End-Plates are
        Welded on to Tube-Ends and Installed in place of Jacks-Screws,
        the Table would be a  Slightly lower that a  New Die Top.

6  --  Bolt Top & Bottom Plate  to  Machine & Table, 
        push-in a  2" x2" Tube,  and tack-weld.    Remove and finish welding.  
        Reinstall and Bolt-In this New Solid Mount.

        Do All this 1 Corner  at a time!
        Repeat  for  the Other 3 Corners.

7 --  When  all  4  New Solid Mounts are installed,
       Cut & Make and add Steel Shims underneath your 4  Solid Mounts
       to  Level  and to  bring Table-Top  Up to the 
       Same Height  as  Top of a New Die  installed in Machine.

This page was last updated: February 18, 2023


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