Un-Jam your Strippit Super 30/30 & Custom 18/30 Punch Press Machine Un-Jam-Strippit-Super-30-30-Punch-Press-Machine
Un-Jam Your Strippit
Super 30/30,  Custom 18/30,
Super 30/40-Mechanical,  and
Sonic 18/30  Punch Press Machines!
From Time to Time,  Machine Operators will Overload and Jam-Up the Strippit
Single-Station Punch Machine they are Operating.   Usually by,  Trying to Punch
Too-Thick of Sheet-Material,  a Punch too-Large for Sheet-Material,  Wrong Die Clearance,  Wrong Die,  Wrong Punch,  Dull Punch & Die,  Crossed Punch & Die,  etc.

Punch will be  "Stuck-Down"  with Machine Not finishing Punch-Stroke, 
Punch is Stuck in Sheet-Material,  and Punch-Ram is Hard-Against the Top of Punch. 

And You Can Not Remove  Sheet-Material,  Punch,  or the  Swing-Arm Holder.

This is because you Now have  OVER  30-Tons of Force Springing & Gapping  Machine C-Frame like the Large Spring that it is.   And All of this Force is now directed through the Ram to Punch and Sheet-Material,   so of course, 
you can not get it out!

Now this is when your Rocket-Scientist Operator & Maintenance Guys get-out their  Big Hammers  &  Pipes  &  Pry-Bars  &  Acetylene Torches  to try to Pry-up the Ram,  Rotate the Flywheels,  or  Cut Out Tool,   to  "Fix"  the Jam.
Instead,  they just Damage the Machine  &  Swing-Arm Holder  &  Tooling.

If they Damage or Break the  Swing-Arm Holder,
you are  Out-Of-Business  as they are  NOT  Manufactured anymore!

As an aside,  I would Build a Very Solid-Stand Next to my Punch Machine
with 2 Good Holder-Places for my  1 1/4"   &   3 1/2"  Swing-Arm Holders,  
as lazy Operators usually just leave Swing-Arm Holder they are not using on the Machine Table,  and Sooner or Later,  will accidentally Knock-it onto the Floor and
it will Often Break-In-Two Pieces that Can NOT be Repaired  or  Replaced!!!

If Operator & Maintenance Guys Bothered to Read the Machine Manual, 
You Do Have a Machine Manual Right???  )
they would see they could-have
Simply Relieved the 30-Tons of Jammed Punch Pressure by;

1  --   Taking a  5/32"  Allen Wrench

2  --   Very Slowly  Backing-Out  5/16"-18  Cup-Set-Screw,   Item #15,  usually
         Located on  Bottom  Left-Side of Ram.

3  --   This  Un-Seats the 1/4" Ball,   Item #14,  acting as a
         Check-Valve to the Ram Oil Chamber.   See  Ram Assembly Drawing Below!

4  --   And allows the Trapped-Oil,   Under Tremendous Pressure,   Use Caution!!!,  
         in the Punch-Ram to be Slowly Drained-Out, 
         and releasing the 30-Tons of Force from Jammed Sprung Machine-Frame.
         Frame will Un-Load  and  Ram should Rise as the Oil is Slowly Drained-Out.

5  --   You should now be able to Remove  Swing-Arm  &  Tooling  &  Sheet-Material

6  --   Reinstall the  Ball  &  Set-Screw

7  --   Using the  #49579-000  Punch-Head  Dip-Stick,   Refill Punch-Head with 
          Mobil DTE-24 Hydraulic Oil,   or any Good  ISO-24 Weight Hydraulic Oil.

8  --   Now Correct the Original Problem that Caused the Jam in the First-Place!!!

9  --   Also Check that the 2 Drive-Belts were Not Shredded when Jam occurred,
         Replace belts if necessary.    And,  if Press Motor will Not Start,  the Motor
         Overload-Breaker in Electrical Box on side of Machine probably has Tripped,
         just Press-In the Re-Set Plunger to Re-Set Breaker.

You should now be Back in the Punching Business!    Be More Carefull Next Time.

This Simple Pressure-Relief Valve is Built-In to all Strippit
Super 30/30,  Custom 30/30,  Custom 18/30,  and  Sonic 18/30  Machines.

And also  Pre-1977  Super 30/40-Mechanical  and  Custom 30/40-Mechanical,
but  NOT  the  Super 30/40-Hydraulic  and  Custom 30/40-Hydraulic  Machines.
After  1977  30/40  Machines were redesigned to be Completely Hydraulic Presses.
Very easy to tell them apart as Mechanical Machines will have 2 Flywheels in front of Machine,  and the Newer Hydraulic Machines will Not have any Flywheels at all.

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