Strippit  Super 30/30, Custom 18/30,  and Other
Strippit  Single-Station  Punch Machines
Machine Models,  Some History,  and Some Trouble-Shooting

George Wales Founded the Strippit Company in 1925.
Some of their Early Products were the Preloaded-Spring  Self-Stripping  Punch Unit
and  Single-Station Punch Machines that Used This  "Strippit-Style"  of Tooling.  Sadly Since Then,  The Strippit Co.  has been  Bought,  Sold,  and  Traded  like a  Poker-Chip.
Current  Owner Du-JourLVD  Stupidly Sold-Off   "Strippit-Tooling"  to  Wilson Tool Co.
This Style Tooling is Now Known as   "Thin-Turret"   Tooling.
Note,  There is More on  Tooling  Sizes & Types  Towards  Bottom of  THIS  Web-Page
under the   "Punch Tooling Sizes"   and   "Punch Tooling"   Sections Below.    Read-It!
And there is  6  Tooling Co.  Web-Links  at  Bottom of  Web-Page   "Strippit vs Amada".

LVD-Strippit  has Stupidly Abandoned Manufacturing  All   "SAF"  Machines
(Semi-Automated Fabricator) which Strippit called their Single-Station Manual Machines.
I will Divide All  S.A.F.  Machines that Strippit Made,  into  2  Broad Categories.
First Machine Category  is Early-Type Punch Machines made from 1925 to 1960.  These Machines Had Flywheel on Back-Side of Machine,  used an Awkward Punch Tool-Holder that Fit-Into Machine's Table Top,  and were made in Models 10A, 10AA, 15A,  Etc.
Some Models had a Duplicator Option.   You would Punch a Master Pattern-Sheet,
put it in the Duplicator-Holder,  then Manually move Stylus to each Pattern-Hole.
Duplicator would move your Work-Sheet at the same time under Punch Ram,
and you would Punch Sheet as you moved to each new position.
There are Little or No Parts Available,  and Little or No Service Support for these
Pre-1960 Machines.   If you need a Part,  you will need to Make-It in a Machine Shop,
or look for a cheap  "Parts"  Machine from a  Used Machine Dealer,  Auctions, or  Ebay.

We at Machine Technologies,  Do Not-Support these Early Machines in Any-Way,  as
We have a Firm Policy of  NOT Working on Machines that are  Older Than Our  Wives.
Strippit  Model 10AA  Machine
Strippit  Model 15A  Machine
Strippit  Model  10A  Machine
with Duplicator
and Old-Style Punch-Holder
Second Machine Category  is Late-Type Punch Machines made from 1960 to about 2001.

Most Machines were Mechanical,  using  "New-Style Hydra-Mechanical Head"  with 
2-Flywheels in Front of Machine, with 1 on Each Side of Frame.  There was also  2 Hydraulic Machines Made,  Super 30/40HD  and  Super 36/75.  All used New-Style 
"Swing-ArmPunch Tool-Holders  that Locked under Punch-Head,  and was Easier to use than Old-Style Arm-Holder.   Punch Holders came in  4  Sizes,    1 1/4 Inch,   
2x2 Inch Notch,  and  3 1/2 Inch   for 30 Ton Machines.  40 & 75 Ton Machines could also use Optional  5 Inch Holders.   NoteSizes  Refers to   Largest  Punch-Tool-Size Holder Could Take,  and  Is  NOT  Actual Hole-Size in Swing-Arm Holder!!!

Machines Models   Sonic 18/30,  Custom 18/30,  Custom 30/30,  Custom 30/40,  Super 30/40 (Mechanical),  Super 30/40HD (Hydraulic),  and the Most-Popular   Super 30/30.
Model Name means following;   "Custom"  means the Work-Table is Fixed in it's Position,  where  "Super"  means Work-Table can be Moved Up or Down several Inches in Relation to Punch-Die Top Surface with a Hand-Crank Wheel on Lower Front of Machine.   Moving Table Down gives you Clearance around Die,  so you could Punch a Hole in a Metal Box,  Angle-Iron,  or some other Already Formed Metal Part.

First Number, as in 18/30,  means Throat-Clearance,  in this case 18 Inches.  Second Number Means Tonnage  Machine Supposedly could Punch.   These  "30 Ton Machines" were Not Really 30 Ton Machines,  they Spray-Out Oil & Break Piston if used on Full-Capacity 30 Ton Holes or 1/4" Thick Materials.   I Advise NOT Using them over 20 Ton punch-holes or thick material.   Buy a Super 30/40HD  Hydraulic for High-Tonnage Holes!
Super 30/40-Mechanical   Machines were made in  1960's  &  1970's,  and were just a 
Super 30/30  with Bigger Flywheels & Motor  and were  Definitely NOT 40 Ton Machines!
Strippit Model Sonic 15B,
Old-Style Machine with New Style Swing-Arm Punch-Holder
Strippit  Custom 18/30  Machine
Strippit  Super 30/30  Machine
with Table-Extension Option
Strippit Super 36/75

In 1960's & 1970's,  Strippit made the
Super 36/75 Machine. 

These were Very Heavy-Duty Machines
with a 36 Inch Throat and
Could Punch  75 Ton Holes!

They used a Hydraulic Piston Driving a
Mechanical Knuckle-Mechanism that
Drove the Punch-Ram.
Because of Problems trying to Punch Big  30 & 40 Ton Holes with Mechanical 30/30 and 30/40 Machines,  Strippit came out with  Super 30/40 HD  (Hydraulic)  Machine in 1976.  
These Machines had  NO-Flywheels,  and instead used a 10HP Electric Motor & Pump to Power Hydraulic-Ram Punch-Head.  Machines would  Punch an Honest 40-Ton Hole and Ask for More,  and were the Best of All Strippit S.A.F. Machines.   Highly Recommended
if you want to Punch  Big Holes  in  Thick Material  or  Stainless Steel.

Some Used Machine Dealers list  Mechanical  Super 30/40 Machines as the Superior
Super 30/40HD  Hydraulic  Machines,   because they Do Not Know any Better,   or  are
Dishonest.    Always Check-Out Machines Carefully  BEFORE You Buy,  Not  After!!!
Strippit  Super 30/40HD  Machine
Painted 1980's Yellow & Racing Stripes
Strippit  Super 30/40HD  Machine
Painted in  The 1970's Puke-Green
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I specialize in Strippit HECC80-Control Turret-Machines, Not Single-Station S.A.F.
Machines.   However As a Service to You,  from Time to Time I Add to This
Web-Page more Trouble-Shooting  &  Repair-Information for  S.A.F. Machines.

I have a Few Repair & Operation Manuals For-Sale,  and Repair Parts Listed on this Webpage.   Buy a Manual  and Learn to Maintain & Repair Machine Yourself!
Rebuilding Machines can be Tricky if You Don't have Tools & Prior Experience.
If You Need Field-Service Repairs In Your Shop,  Call These Servicemen;

Tom Penrod, Tracy, CA   Phone 209-814-7626    West-Coast Service Area.

Joe Normoyle,  La Puenta, CA   Phone 626-826-0007    West-Coast Service Area.

Denis Porter   R.I.P  7/9/10.   West-Coast Service Area.
He was  Best In The World  on  Repairing and Re-Machining S.A.F. Machines.

Alan Suda   708-826-9845,   Chicago  &  Mid-West Service Area.
Very Good on  S.A.F.  Machines,   and  Strippit CNC Turret-Machines.

Bob Kelly   815-355-0531,  Chicago-Land Area.
Good on  S.A.F.  Machines,  and  Strippit Fanuc-Control Turret-Machines.

More Servicemen listed  "Independent Strippit Control & Machine Repair Service"
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Trouble-Shooting  &  Repairs
S.A.F.  Machines are Quite Reliable.   But as  Most Shops Do NO Maintenance At All,
Machines are now 30, 40, or over 50+ years old,   and  Maintenance  "Rocket-Scientists"