Independent Strippit CNC Repair Service Strippit_CNC_Machine_and_Control_Repair_Service
Strippit    Punch-Machine, 
CNC-Control,     Servo-Drive,
OTHER   Fabrication-Machinery
Repair  Service  Listings
The Strippit Company has Some Excellent Servicemen,
and Some that are Not so Excellent,  Just like Most Other Companies.  

But,  I Keep getting Phone Calls from Strippit's Customers looking for Alternatives to using  The Strippit Service Department.     They Like Their Strippit Machines!
But are Frustrated with Service & Tech-Support & Parts Availability from the Strippit Co.

One Customer called Strippit wanting Manuals for his  Strippit Helios Laser Machine,
and was told  "We'll Call Belgium,  and Try to get a Set for You".    This Strippit 
"Tech Support"  Person did Not even know this Machine Did Not Come From Belgium,
but was  Designed &  Build &  Supported  from  Akron  NY,  Right where He Was Sitting!

Another Customer needed a Hydraulic Pump,  and was told it would take a
"Couple of Months"  to get 1 from Belgium.    Strippit could Not even Say When!

Another just called me,  and said it would take  Strippit 3 Months to get a New Ballscrew
for his Machine.     Months!    What the Hell are these Shop Owners suppose to do in the meantime with their Production?    They Depend on Decent Support!

Another Customer called that has  4  Strippit Punch Machines.   They have been Calling
And  Faxing  And  Emailing  The Strippit  "Service"  Department  for  2-Weeks trying to
get Price and Availability on Repair Parts!     2-Weeks,  and Still No Response!!  Obviously,  They are  Rethinking The Machine Brand they want to be Partnered With!

Many Calls from California that  Local Strippit-Factory Servicemen  Can't Handle their Machine Problems,  and they End-Up having to Fly a Strippit Servicemen 
All-The-Way  from  Strippit Factory  in   Akron,  New York
Guess Who  Pays for   ALL   Airfare  &  Car Rental  &  Hotels  &  Travel  Hours?

A Maryland Customer called for the Same Reason,  "The Local Strippit Servicemen
Tries Real-Hard,  but Repeatedly,  Can't Fix Our Machine,  and we have to Fly-In a
Serviceman from Strippit Factory at  Our Cost!".

And Above is from Here in the U.S.,  where Strippit's Service is at it's  "Best".
You should hear Sad Stories People Email me from Around The Rest of The World.

08/2016,  Another Call from Long-Time Canadian Strippit Customer with 4 Strippit Punch
Machines.  He Can't get through to Strippit for Phone Support,  he's put on hold forever,  then times-out  &  is disconnected.  Has great Difficulty trying to get a Strippit Serviceman.   Strippit now Forces him to go-through a Local Distributor who has No Fucking Idea what they are doing,  to order repair parts.   He is now Switching to Amada
Co.  who provides Much Better Service & Support in  ALL Markets.  Sadly,  I would too.

To be Fair,  I  Know Plenty of  Service & Part  Horror-Stories about  Amada,  Finn-Power,
Trumpf,  Muratec,  and  Nisshinbo  Companies.    They are All Far From Perfect!

Strippit Can Fix These Problems,  but  owner  LVD has shown that they don't want to.
It Takes a  Long-Term Commitment to Quality Customer Support;

1  ---  Hire a Few More People for  EngineeringField-Service,  and  Tech-Support, as
they are  Spread Way Too-Thin.    Be Better Than The CompetitionIt's Not Very Hard!

Value your Employees,  and make them less Fearful of Losing Their Jobs.
All Incoming Service Phone Calls to Strippit   ( That's  You,  Customer!!! )  
are Now  Recorded  &  Computerized  to-the-Second,   with 
Strippit Management Getting a  Printout of Your Phone Call Activity to Strippit,  and
how Long  "Tech-Support"  People Talked to You!     Wouldn't Want them Taking Too Much with You.    Is this a  LVD Belgium Thing?    Welcome to  George Orwell's 1984!

They Laid-Off People like Wittmeyer,  their  Last  HECC80 Control Guy.
There is Now  NO  "Tech Supportfor Any  HECC80  Control Machine  at Strippit.
Luckily For You,  That's  My Speciality Here At  Machine Technologies!

Strippit also Stopped Phone Support for Hundreds of  "R-Machine's"  made in 1990's,
but may send a Serviceman for a Few Thousand Dollars  C.O.D.  to  "Take a Look At It".

Up-Date   8/2016,   Now I'm told that   LVD  Strippit
will  NO  Longer Support   ANY  Machine  made with  Strippit's  MAC  or  PC  Control.  
LVD Strippit  just does Not  "Get-It".   And more troubles with Mechanical Part  &  Fanuc Part Availability.   Surely you can Engineer Better Customer Service than this, Tony.

If this All Seems a Little Pointed,  you can also  Thank  Chris Szmania,  who from the
Many Customer Complaints,  seems to be Making Strippit Company Policy these days.

2  ---  Train these  Service People Better,
        and  Equip them with  All the  Tools  &  Documentation  They Need.

3  ---  Pay  &  Take-Care  of these  Service People,
        so you  Retain Their Valuable Knowledge & Experience.   They make You Money!

As Strippit Charges about  $150.00+  a Hour for Service,  $225.00+  a Hour for Overtime Service,  and  $300.00+  a Hour for  Super-Duper  Weekend  Double-Time  Service,  
Plus  Add-In  All-The-Expences  &  Travel Costs on Top,  and  You-Would-Think Strippit Could Afford to Provide Very Good Service,   and  Would Be Very Happy To Do So!

4  ---  Maintain Adequate Repair Parts Inventory  for All Your Machine Product Lines.
         Strippit Charges Plenty for their Parts,  they could at  Least Keep Parts In-Stock!

As  The-Above Seems  Very  Un-Likely to Happen,   Here,   In  No  Particular Order
are Some  Independent  Alternatives   to   "Official Strippit Service".

I have Also Included some  Servicemen & Vendors  for  Other  Brands of Machine Tools.

Note #1
Many of these Servicemen will Travel Outside of their Listed Area, 
and most have More Expertise than I can List Here.  
So,  Call & Ask Them  Specifically What they Can,  and  Can Not Do  for You!

Note #2
If you Know of  Good Competent Servicemen  that can Service
Strippit Punch & Laser Machines,  as well as Other Fab Machinery,
Anywhere in the U.S.  &  The World,
Have them Contact Me with Their Qualifications, 
I will  Add them to this Service List Page  For-Free!

Note #3
  Some in Akron Think I Hate Strippit,  which is  Ridiculous.
I  Want  Strippit  to  Prosper!
Not for  Strippit's   Stupid  Current-Owners  LVD,
But for  Strippit's  American Workers  and  American Manufacturing.

LVD-Strippit  Makes Good Machinery,
But they have  Built a  Deserved Reputation for Very Poor   "After-The-Sale"   Support!
The First Rule of Business is     When You are in a    "Deep Hole",      Stop Digging!!!
Good Grief,   For Strippit's  (Certainly NOT Mine)  Own Good,
I am Trying to Cajole  LVD-Strippit  into   Stop Digging Their  Bad  Reputation Hole!
They will NOT Prosper Again until they do so.

BUT,  The Process of  Destroying Strippit Co.  which started under
Wallstreet's  Leveraged Buyout Firm  KKR
and  continues under  LVD Chairman Jean-Pierre Lefebvre,   is nearing the end.
Strippit used to have  600+  Employees,   now down to about  80,   and
That is why You Can't Get   Service,  Repair-Parts,  Tech-Support,
or  Anything else  out of  LVD-Strippit  these days.
Don't take my Word for it,   Call  716-542-4511   and   Ask the Service Dept.
Where the  Nearest  Actual Serviceman  is for  YOUR  Model Machine!
Especially you Shop Owners in California,   you'll  Love The Answer.
Before you buy Anything New from LVD-Strippit,  I would take a  Tour of their Plant in  Akron, NY   and  ask some Hard Questions.   And  Don't let them Bullshit You that
"All the Dark Shop-Lights Out-back are because all the Shop-Guys are Out to Lunch".
READ   Strippit  VS  Amada

Note #4
I had Really Hoped that  LVD Company would Rejuvenate Strippit,   BUT
January 2021   LVD  Finally  Killed  The Strippit Company!
Alter a  CENTURY  Of  The Strippit Company  Industry-Leading
Punch  &  CNC Control  &  Laser  &  Tooling   Products  and  Innovations
LVD  has Ended  The Strippit Company  and  Remnants  are now  "LVD Services".
Carefully Factor this into your Machine Buying Decisions.

Note  #5
This Web-Page is a Work In Progress.
I will Update it Frequently,  and  will Add  New Servicemen  &  Web-Links, 
so  Please  Check-Back Again!

   U.S.  East Coast  Service

New England  to  Ohio States;
CNC Machinery Service   ---  Keith Coffee,  Albion,  NY     Cell Phone  716-830-4630
Expertise:  Very Good on All Strippit Machines,  Especially Fanuc,  Apple-MAC  &  P.C. Controls.   Keith is The Expert on  FC1500/45 Plasma Punch Machines.  
Also does Custom PLC Control Retrofitting on Various Machines.  
Email:      Website:

The  New England States;
AfterMarket Service Co.   ---  Karl Van Auken,  Oneco,  CT     Phone  860-564-8198
Expertise:  All 1980's to 2000's Strippit's with Laser & Plasma Experience.
Also 1970's to 1990's Trumpf Machines and their Bosch & Siemens Controls.

New England  to  Mid-West;
Hughes Tech   ---  Don Hughes,  Buffalo,  NY     Phone  716-684-5222
Expertise:  Service on  Niagara  Brakes  &  Shears,  and small Stamping Presses,
with 24+ Years Experience.    Also Service's  Cincinnati  and  Pacific  Press Brakes,  Control  &  Back-Gage Retrofits,  Installation of Safety Light-Curtains & Safety-Guards.
Email:           Don is also Strippit Alumni!

New York  &  Tri-State Area;
Optimum Service Co.   ---  Mike Smith,  Long Island,  NY    Cell Phone   516-457-3805
Expertise:  Trained on  Strippit,  Amada,  Nisshinbo  Punch Machines  and  also 
works on  Shears,  Press-Brakes & other Shop Equipment.

The  Carolinas  &  Virginia  &  Southern States;
Machine Technologies Co.   ---  Bruce Warner,    Phone  704-233-5229
Expertise:  Strippit Houdaille HECC80 Control Circuit Board Repair,  Control Repair-PartsMachine Mechanical Repair-Parts.   Strippit Houdaille  HECC80 Control  &  G.E.
Hi-Ack  Model 2  &  Model 3  Servo-Drive Board Repair  &  Servo-Drive Repair-Parts.
Factory Trained  Field-Service on All Strippit  HECC80  Control  Turret-Punch Machines.

The Carolinas;
Contemporary Technologies Inc.   ---  Warren Blower,  Lexington,  NC
Expertise:   Factory Trained on  Wiedemann  &  Nisshinbo  CNC Machines.
Phone  336-956-6500  or  336-250-9727 Cell Phone.   Email:
  I Believe that  Warren  Has Retired.

MetalSoft Engineering   ---  John Skroch,  Plantation,  Florida.     Phone  954-587-6717
Expertise:  Laser Installations & Service,  as well as  Strippit  &  Amada  &  DiAcro  CNC Punch Machines.    Also CNC Programming Software  &  DNC-Downloading Systems.
Email:       Website:

New England;
NECC   ---  South Royalton,  VT.     Phone  877-860-9310
Specializes in the  Repair  &  Retrofitting  of  Creonics  /  Allen Bradley   Motion Control Systems that were  Retroffitted to  Strippit,  Whitney,  and other Machines in 1980's.
Email:        Website:

   U.S.  Mid-West  &  Central  States  Service

Chicago-Land,  Michigan,  &  Mid-West;
A & R  Machine Tool Repair    ---   Alan Suda,  Chicago,  IL     Cell Phone  708-826-9845
Expertise:  Service on 1970's, 1980's,  & 1990's Strippit Turret-Punch Machines,  and Single-Station Punch Machines.    Also Services other CNC Fabrication Machines.  
Ex-Strippit Serviceman.        Email:

Chicago-Land Area  &  Mid-West;
RK  Machine Tool    ---   Robert Kelley,   Chicago,  IL     Phone  815-355-0531
Expertise:  Very Good on Late-Model   Fanuc / General Numeric  CNC Control Strippit Machines.    Also works on Single-Station Strippit Machines.    Ex-Strippit Serviceman.

Nims Precision Machining Inc.   ---  Myron Nims,   Lyon,  MI    Phone  248-437-1002
Expertise:  Laser Service, Laser Parts, & Machine Service.   Believe Myron has Retired.

Upper Mid-West  &  Canada;
Trimec Machinery Sales    ---   A Merry-Band of Ex-Strippit Alumni in Minnesota Area.
Tom Wandmacher,   Allen Anderson,  John Ell  &  others.      Phone  651-486-3859
Service on Strippit Punch & LaserTools,  Sales & Service on Murata & other Machines.
The Merry-Band Has Now Disbanded!!!    Allen  &  John have moved to Arizona,  and 
Tom is now with  Concept Machine Tool Co.  who provides some Machine Service.

Upper  Mid-West;
Tom Theisen Machine Service    ---  Tom Theisen,  Minneapolis / St. Paul   MN  Area.
Tom Has Retired!    Expertise:  Strippit CNC Machines with the Fanuc and  "P.C." Controls.   Also Strippit Single-Station Punches,  and some Non-Strippit Machine Tools.

Upper  Mid-West;
ATZ  automation   ---   Alex Zubar,   Edina,  MN.     Phone  952-239-2989
Expertise:   Experience Servicing Older HECC80 Control Strippit Machines.  One of the few Co. that Will Work-On  Earlix  Controls  on Strippit  "AG"  Single-Station  Auto-Gage Machines.    Also Services Creonics CNC Gageing Controls that were Retrofitted to Strippit,  Whitney,  and  other Machines in the 1980's. 
ATZ  Services a wide Variety of Other Fabrication Machinery &  Electronics.

Upper  Mid-West;
Allen Anderson   ---   Clear Lake,  WI
Strippit's Laser Man for 25 Years.    Does Travel outside of Mid-West Area.
If you have a Strippit Laser Made in the 1970's, 1980's, or 1990's,  Al's your Guy.
Allen Retired & Moved to Arizona.    A Great Guy who is Missed,    R.I.P.  July  24,  2013

AMH Services    ---  Mitchell Haggard,   TX   
Expertise:   30+ Years Experience on Repairing CNC Controls:  Fanuc,  Cincinnati Milacron,  Strippit,  Allen Bradley,  Reliance Motor Drives.   
Notice;  Mitchell is Slowing Down his Business,  and  is Not Accepting New Customers.

Vertecs Co.   ---   Mark Reeves,  Houston,  TX     Phone   713-895-7223
Expertise:   Troubleshooting Service on various CNC Control Systems.

Milt's Machine  ---  Dennis Johnson,  Gilcrest.   Office  970-737-1102   Cell  970-408-9554
Expertise:   Early "A" Control,  HECC80 Control,  Fanuc Control Strippit Machines,
Single-Station Manual Strippit Punches,  and  DiAcro Press Brakes.    Will Travel Long Distance in Country,  and  Out-Side of the U.S.     Email:
R.I.P.  Febuary  15,  2020

   U.S.  West-Coast  States  Service


Consulting and Service   ---  Joe Normoyle,  La Puenta, CA     Phone  626-826-0007
Expertise:  ---  Specializing in Strippit Punch Press Machines  especially the
Single-Station Strippit Machines.    Ex-Strippit Serviceman.

Machine Automation Systems   ---   Denis Porter,  Lockwood, CA
A Great Guy who is Missed,   R.I.P  7/9/10    See Tribute to  Denis on  Super 30/30  Page
Expertise;   Best in the World on S.A.F.  Single-Station Strippit Machines,  also works on some CNC Strippit Turret Machines,  as well as Brakes & Shears and Other Machinery.

Penrod Sheetmetal Machinery Repair   ---  Tom Penrod,  Tracy,  CA 
Phone   209-814-7626   or   209-836-2666      Ex-Strippit Serviceman.
Expertise:  Service on All Strippit and other Sheetmetal Fab Machinery.

Carl Wilson   ---  Los Angles, CA      Phone  909-633-9050
Expertise:   Service on Strippit and other Sheetmetal Fab Machinery,
Including  Press-Brakes,  Shears,  and  Laser Systems.   Ex-Strippit Serviceman.

Erdmann Machine Tool Service   ---  Milo Erdmann,  San Pedro.   Phone  310-251-6661
Expertise:   Service on Strippit  &  Factory-Trained on DiAcro Punch Press Machines 
and other Sheetmetal Fab Machines.    Also,  Service & Parts on General Electric 550 CNC Controls,  and Service & Parts on Dyna-Bend Press Brake Backgage Controls.
Email:       An  Original  Ex-DiAcro  Factory Serviceman!
  I Believe that Milo Has Retired.

International  Service

Associated Machine Tool Pty.   ---   Rod Jarvis,  Picton,  N.S.W.  2571   Australia
Phone   612- 4677- 0844   or   0411- 405-719  Mobil-Phone
Expertise:   30+ Years Experience on Strippit & other Fabrication Machinery.
New Email:

CNC Man Pty.   ---   Wayne Hoppe,  Capalaba,  Queensland,  4157   Australia
Phone  61-7-3206-4409  or  0438-22-99-36  Mobil PhoneWebsite:
Expertise:  Fanuc Control,  Laser,  Milling & Turning Machine Experience.   Services some LVD-Strippit Machines for  GWB Machine Tools.   Email:

BCH Machine Tool Services Pty.   ---   Bruce Heal,  Bulleen,  Victoria,  3105   Australia
Phone   03-9850-2095   or   Mobil-Phone   04-1831-1195
Expertise:   33+ Years Servicing Strippit Machines,  Specializing in HECC80 Controls.

Bright Spark Industrial Services   ---   John Waters,  Horsley Park,  N.S.W.  2100  Australia      Phone   02-9620-2860,    Fax  02-9620-2870
Expertise:   Strippit Repairs,  and other Machine Tool Services

GWB Machine Tools Pty.   ---   Coopers Plains,  Queensland,  4108   Australia
Phone   61-7-3274-1762        Website:
Expertise;  The Official  LVD Strippit Distributor providing Sales & Service for Australia.



Mecanicomp Inc.   ---   Jean Charette,  Laval,  Quebec,   Canada
Phone   514-242-1102      Website:
Expertise:   Primarily Amada Punch-Press & Press-Brake Service in Eastern Canada,
also  Services  Strippit,  Wiedemann,  and  Other Sheetmetal Machine Tools.

Servo Plus Company   ---   Jim Mark.   Peterborough,  Canada.   
Phone  416-200-3773      Website:
Expertise:   Strippit and Nisshinbo Machine Service,  Primarily in the Toronto Area.

High-Tech Services  ---  Brent Highfield.  Calgary,  Canada.   Cell Phone   403-999-2355
Expertise:   Primarily  Amada Equipment  & Fanuc Control Specialist with 8 Years as a Amada Factory Serviceman.    Starting to Service Newer Strippit Turret Machines, 
which also use Fanuc CNC Controls.    Also provides Tool Sharpening Services.

Price Machinery Service Ltd.  ---   Colin Price.    Oro - Medonte,  Ontario,  Canada.
Phone   416-460-6280    Has Serviced Older Strippit Punch Machines since the 1970's,
and still does some Service Work.     Email:

White-Line Machine & Tool Co.   ---  John White.    Barrie,  Ontario,  Canada. 
Phone   705-722-4170     Primarily provides Tooling for Strippit & other Punch Machines,  but may also provide some Service Work on older Punch Machines.
Email:      Website:

Hove Machine Services   ---   David Strudwick.    Wasaga Beach,   Canada. 
Expertise:  Not a Strippit Specialist,  but provides Parts & Service on Many Machines such as  Mills,  Lathes,  Grinders,  Ironworkers,  and  Pearson Press Brakes.
Phone   705-429-5910      Website:



CNC Service Co.   ---   Jerry Fletcher,   WAS in  San Juan Del Rio,  Queretaro,  C.R.,   Mexico,   but  after 20 years,  Jerry has now left Mexico because of the worsening
Lack of Security  &  Violence Problems  fueled by our  U.S. Drug Problems.
Expertise:   Strippit CNC Turret Machines with Fanuc Controls,  FMS Systems,
some Older Strippit Turret Machines,  and  LVD Brakes & Shears.  
Also has Experience with  Amada,  Finn-Power,  Murata-Weideman, and  Haas Machines.
Jerry has now moved back to  U.S.  and now works for  Prima Power Co.

Strippit LVD   ---   Pedro Morlet,   Queretaro City,   Mexico
In 2002  Strippit LVD  Announced,  with Much-Fanfare,  this Sales & Service Subsidiary.
It  Appears that  Strippit LVD  Has  Abandonedin that  Special  Stupid  Strippit-Way with Much Less-Fanfare,  this Official Subsidiary.   So Much for Strippit LVD Factory Support!
Apparently  Strippit LVD has  Sluffled-Off  Their  Service Responsibilities to  HEMSA.

Herramientas Exclusivas y Maquinaria (HEMSA)   ---   Mexico City,   Mexico
A General Machinery Distributor that also Represents some Strippit LVD Machine Lines.
Provides some  Strippit LVD  Repair Service,   But  Service Expertise is  Very Poor.
Phone  52-55-5547-0448,   Fax  52-55-5541-6431,   Website


United Kingdom;

Hartley Engineering / Andover Punch Press LTD.   ---  Ralph Williams,  Andover,  UK. Office Phone:   01264 362193       Email:
Mobil Phone:    07850 706539       Expertise:   All Strippit Punch Machine Models

Kennett Machine Tool Services   ---  Operated for many years,  providing Strippit Machine Service,  by the Father,  Michael Kennett,  who has Retired.  
Now operated by the Son,  with the same name  Michael Kennett,  Andover,  Hants,  UK.
Phone:  1264358063,     Mobil:  7866699650      Email:

Punch Press Service LTD.   ---   Located in  Cheshire, U.K.   are  Not Strippit LVD Specialists,  but  Do have many years Experience in the CNC Punch-Press Industriy, 
and so  should be considered when Repair Service is required in the U.K.
Phone:   0044 (0)1270 750 323        Email:


Does Anyone Know of Any More Good Strippit Servicemen in
----  Africa?
----  Asia?
----  Canada?
----  Europe?
----  Mexico?
----  South America?

I  Will  Add  All  Good  Service  Referrals !!!

This page was last updated: February 2, 2023
Other   Machine Tool   Repairs  &  Service
Shear,   Press-Brake,   Stamping-Press,   Amada

Hughes Tech   ---  Don Hughes,  Buffalo,  NY.      Phone  716-684-5222
Expertise:  Service on  Niagara  Brakes & Shears,  and small Stamping-Presses,
with 30+ Years Experience.    Also Service's  Cincinnati  and  Pacific  Press Brakes,  Control & Back-Gage Retrofits,  Installation of Safety Light-Curtains & Safety-Guards.
Don is also Strippit Alumni!      Email:

Wysong Co.   ---  Repair Parts,  Repair Service,  and  Factory-Rebuilding of 
Wysong Shears  and  Press-Brake Machines  &  Other Brands of Machine Tools
Wysong also does Contract and Production Machining Services.   Give Susanna Hall  or  Russell Hall  a  Call at  336-621-3960   or  Website:

Fabtech Solutions LLC.    ---  John McDonald,  Reidville,  SC.     Phone  864-704-4363
Expertise:   Service on  Press Brakes,   Shears,   IronWorkers,  and a Wide Variety of
Fabrication  &  Shop Machinery.     Also Sells New Shop Fabrication Machinery.
Website:          Email:

Southern Machinery Repair Inc.   ---   Specializes in Rebuilding and
Repair of  Stamping Presses,  Press-Brakes,  Shears,  and  Forging Equipment.
Phone  Don Cooper  at   731-885-8052   or   Website:

Automec Inc.   ---   Retrofits  New  CNC Backgage Systems  on  Old Press-Brakes.
Replace Old  Hurco,  Dynabend,  Etc.  Backgages on  Old  Promecan,  Pacific,  DiAcro, Amada,  Wysong,  Etc.  Press Brakes.   Call  781-893-3403

Alternative Parts Inc.   ---   Replacement Repair Parts for  Amada Machines.
Call   888-882-6001  or  631-345-9500.     Website:

Martin CNC Inc.   ---   Shane Martin,  Fruitland Park,  Florida.     Phone  352-326-0047
Expertise:   Parts & Service on  Hurco Autobend Press-Brake Backgages  and
Hurco Milling Machine Systems & Controls.    
Email:         Website:

Silverback Machine Service & Repair ---  Jared Peterson,  Utah   Phone  435-659-7413
Installation  &  Repair Service on a variety of Fabrication Machinery.
Email:      Website:

Turret Tooling Mobile Services Inc.   ---   Gordon  Zemnickas,  Lincolnton,  NC.
You can have Newest & Best Punch Machine Ever Made,  but if you put Old Worn Dull Punch & Dies in Machine,  it will Not Punch Good Parts!    If you do not have In-House Tool Sharpening,  you can Ship your Tooling to Gordon for Sharpening.    Or in Select Markets in  Michigan,  Ohio,  Pennsylvania,  Virginia,  Carolinas,  Georgia,  and  Florida,  Gordon will Drive his Mobile Sharpening Shop to Your Parking Lot!    Call  313-670-8356 Email:     Website:
NOTE!  I'm Not Sure that This Company is still in Business!

Your  Serviceman
Show-Up  with
1 1/2  Tons
Service Manuals,
Like Me?
Fanuc   Repair Parts  &  Repair Services  on
CNC Controls  and  Servo Drive Systems

I don't like the  Fanuc Company  &  I don't like some of their business practices.
Fanuc Prices are Very High,  some Part Availability is Poor or Nonexistence, and
essential support like  Electronic Schematics  are  "Secret".  But with help of
Neutron Jack Welch  at  General Electric  who  Destroyed  U.S.  CNC Control
Industry,  Fanuc is now Biggest CNC Control Manufacture in the World,  and  Most Strippit & Other Machine Tools Now come Standard with Fanuc CNC Controls & Servo Systems.

We,  here at  Machine Technologies Co.,  do very little Fanuc Parts & Service, 
as there are plenty of other Servicemen & Service Companies that do.
So,  Here are some,   but   Certainly Not All,  
Resources  for  Fanuc Repairs  &  Repair Parts;

Lakeside CNC Group Inc.   ---   Bensenville, Illinois   Phone  630-616-0039
Specializes in Fanuc CNC Electronics,  Servo Drives & Motor Sales & Repairs.

Repair Zone   ---   Bay City, Michigan   Phone  866-237-3212
Specializes in Servo Drives and Servo Motor Sales & Repair Service.

General Servo & Spindle Motors   ---   South Elgin, Illinois   Phone  630-889-9261
Specializes in Servo Motor and Spindle Motor Repair.

CNC Engineering Inc.   ---   Enfield,  CT   Phone  860-749-1780
Specializes in Fanuc Control Retrofits  and  Electronic & Motor repair parts.

Dynamic Displays   ---   Eau Claire,  WI   Phone  715-835-9440
Specializes in Retrofitting LCD-Displays for Old Control CRT-Monitor Displays.

Qualitrol International   ---   Charlotte,  NC   Phone  877-536-0090
Specializes in GE Fanuc CNC Repair Services & Repair Parts.

Machine Technologies Co.   is the  Strippit  Houdaille  HECC80  Control  Expert!
We do Not Work on  Fanuc Controls  as there are Many other People that Do!

FANUC  America Corporation   ---  Hoffman Estates, Illinois  Phone  888-326-8287
The Official  Fanuc Parts  & Service  in the U.S.

FANUC  Mexico   ---  Headquarters,  Aguascalientes San Francisco de Los Romo
Phone  449-922-8021    Service  for  Mexico,   Belize,   Guatemala,   Honduras,
El Salvador,   Nicaragua,  and   Panama.

FANUC  South America   ---   Headquarters,  São Paulo,  Brasil
Phone  55  11-3952-8888    Service  for   Brazil,   Argentine,   Chile,   Uruguay,
Paraguay,   French Guiana,   Suriname,   Guyana,   Venezuela,   Colombia, 
Ecuador,   Peru,   Bolivia,   Trinidad,   and   Tobago.

Ampion Industrial Servo & Controls Repair Inc.  ---  General Servo Drive Repairs
  ---  Niagara Falls,  NY   Phone  716-213-6660   Email:
  ---  Mississauga,  Canada  Phone  416-900-5570  Email:

ABG Automation Inc.   ---   Smithville,  Ontario  Canada
General Servo Drive Repairs,   Including the  Getty  and  Reliance Servo Drives
that were used on  Strippit's  R-Machine's  Crappy  Apple  MAC-Controls.
Phone:   905-465-0346

Note,  in the  1970's  &  1980's  Just to  Fool-You,   Fanuc used  the
"American Sounding"  Name of  "General Numeric"  for it's  U.S. Division.
General Numeric   was  and  is   Fanuc!
General Numeric  name has now been dropped,  as  Fanuc Won This War.....

Other  Electronic Services

Dotronix Technology Inc.   ---  New Brighton,  MN   Phone  651-633-1742
Specializes in Repairing Old CRT-Monitor Displays & Retrofitting LCD-Displays.

ACS Services Inc.   ---  Hunt Valley,  MD   Phone  410-771-1152,   800-605-6419
Specializes in Repairing Old CRT-Monitor Displays & Retrofitting LCD-Displays.
Also some Models of Servo-Drives and Servo-Motor Sales & Repair Service.

Vartech Systems Inc.   ---  Baton Rouge,  LA   Phone  800-223-8050
Specializes in Repairing Old CRT-Monitor Displays & Retrofitting LCD-Displays.

Dynamic Displays   ---   Eau Claire,  WI   Phone  715-835-9440
Specializes in Retrofitting LCD-Displays for Old Control CRT-Monitor Displays.

Galco Industrial Electronics Inc.   ---  Madison Heights,  MI   Phone  800-337-1062
Some  Repairing Old CRT-Monitor Displays as well as some Models of
Servo-Drives and Servo-Motor Sales & Repair Service.

Laser  Services

Midwest Laser Service Inc.  ---  Richard Pember,  Janesville,  WI   Phone  608-359-5182
Specializes in Repairing Fanuc Laser Controls,  Fanuc and Rofin-Sinar Laser Resonators, and related Laser Problems with years of Experience with Strippit & Cincinnati Laser Cutting Machines.    Website:  

Laser Mech Replacement Parts & Service  ---  Novi,  Michigan     Phone  248-474-9140
Supplier of Laser Repair Parts  ---  lenses,  nozzles,  power meters,  and front-end
Laser Cutting-head component parts.   Website:

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at  The-Left

Ballscrew  Repairs

Ballscrews are a Factory-Built Precision-Assembly consisting of  Leadscrew/Ballscrew   &  Ballnut  &  Roller-Balls.   Generally,  you Do NOT Replace just 1 Item and your Assembly Magically becomes  "New Again".   Most of the Wear & Slop is in the  Ballnut
and  Balls,  the Screw itself has Much More Wear Surface and is not really the problem.

Years ago,  I used to ship Ballscrew Assemblies to the Beaver Precision Co.  and they would do a light Re-grind on the Screw,  Make a New Ballnut because they were Always Worn,  and then fit New Slightly Larger Balls into assembly which came back to me
Like-New.   But Beaver has gone Out of Business because of Cheap Imports.

There are  Many  "Ballscrew Rebuilders"  around the Country,  and most just  Repack
the Ballnut with Larger Balls,  in  Their Shop  or  Yours,   and Call it  "Rebuilt".
Here are 4  Ballscrew  Rebuilders,  but there are  Many more.

---    PSI Repair Services,     11900  Mayfield,  Livonia,   Michigan   48150 
Phone:   800-325-4774     One of the Best Rebuilders,  and has Capability to even make New Ballscrews.   I have used  PSI in the past,  and they are Very Good,  But  Slow
and  Expensive,   but  you get what you pay for.

---    Barnes Industries,     1161  East 11 Mile Road,   Madison Heights,   MI   48071
Phone:   866-416-7889     Website:
One of the Best Ballscrew Rebuilders  &  have been rebuilding for a Half-Century.

---    Express Ball Screw Repair,     112  Price Circle,   Ringgold,   GA.   30736.
Phone:   423-559-2153     Website:
I have used them in the Past,  and they did a good Job.    I  believe their Speciality is
Polishing Ballscrew  &  Re-Packing your Ballscrew Ballnut in Their Shop.

---    Ballscrew Guys,      3433  West Kingsley Road  Suite 9,   Garland,  TX   75041
Phone:   877-768-4064      Website:
I have No experience with them but,  believe their Speciality is  Re-Packing your Ballscrew Ballnut in Your Shop,  and they have some experience with Strippit Machines.