Strippit Machine Repair Parts Strippit Machine Repair Parts
Mechanical  &  Electronic  Repair Parts  For
Strippit  NC  &  CNC  Turret Punch Press Machines

Below are Just Some of the Repair Parts
We Stock to Keep Your Strippit Machine Up and Running!
Strippit Houdaille HECC80 CNC Control
Circuit Boards and Parts are Our Speciality!

Sales,  Exchanges,  Testing, and  Repairs of
Strippit HECC80 Circuit Boards, Servo Boards,
Self-Scan Displays,  CRT Displays,  Keypads,
Keyboards,  Power-Supplies,  Panel Switches,
and All Other HECC80 CNC Control Parts!
Servo Motors
All  X, Y, &  T  Axis Servo Motors are Stocked.

Motor Parts are also Stocked;
  ---  Motor Brushes
  ---  Tachometers
  ---  Tach-Brushes
  ---  Resolver Feedback Packages
  ---  Resolver Couplings
  ---  Cables & Connectors
Press-Drive  Air-Clutch  &  Air-Brake Parts

---  Clutch Assemblies      ---  QRV Rotary Valves  
---  Clutch Poppits            ---  Seal Kits
---  Brake Assemblies       ---  Friction Disks   
---  Splin Hubs                  ---  Pistons
  And Other  New  &  Rebuilt  Clutch and Brake Repair Parts

Note!   New Clutch & Brake Units have Production Lead Times
of 4 to 6 Months!   If your Clutch or Brake is Wearing-Out and
Needs Replacement in the Future,   You Need to Order-It Now,
Before You Really Need it,  and Put  1 On Your Shelf!
I Normally Sell-Out of Brake Units Before I Even Receive Them!

Switches, Sensors,
Mac Air Valves,
Turret Parts,
Lube System Parts,
Tool Lifters.

Workclamp No-Punch Sensors,  Limit Switches,  Strip-Sensor Retro's,
Mac Pneumatic Valves,
5 and 70 psi Air Switches, 
Lifter Studs,  Tool Lifters,  Springs,  Tool Holders,
Oil Seals,  Lube Pumps,  Filters,  Ballscrews,  Bearings,  Air Cylinders
and Many Other
Repair Parts Too Numerous to List.   Call!

Call US for
Strippit  Part  Pricing  and  Availability

Remember,   We NEED YOUR

Strippit  Machine   Model-Number
Machine   Serial-Number
And The
Strippit   Part-Number

Of The Repair Parts You Are Looking For!

Many Shops  Email  a  Photo of their  Machine  I.D.-Plate
so we Know  Exactly what Machine they have
and a  Photo of Part that they are Looking for.

Phone:  704-233-5229

Machine Technologies Co.
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General Electric
Servo Drive
Boards In-Stock!

Sales, Exchanges, Testing and
Repair of
Servo Drive Boards
used in Strippit
and Other
CNC Machines.
Upper Turret Tool-Station Repair Parts for  FC750,  FC750/2,  FC1000/1,  FC1000/2, FC1000/3,  FC1250/30/1500,  FC1250/45

---  #17591-000  Lifter Spring

---  Heavy-Duty (White & Blue) Lifter Spring,
    Our Part #17591-HDfor the  Big 3 1/2"
    Stations Only.  These Provide Much Better
    & Faster Stripping-Action

---  #100245-000  3 1/2" Tool Lifter

---  #17590-000  Stud-Nut,    Always Replace
    Lower Stud-Nut when Replacing Studs!!!
    If you Strip-Out Thin-Original Type,  you have
    No Access to Remove it Under the Turret!

---  #200285-000  2x2 Notch-Tool Lifter
    Usually for Station #1 only

---  #100726-000  Lifter Stud,   Uses 2 Nuts

---  #17351-000  Strip-Target,  1 is on each Lifter

---  #100811-000  1 1/4" Tool Lifter
---  And Weld a   7/16"  6-Point Socket to a  1" x 10" x 1/8"  Strip of Steel
(Like in the Picture Above)   to make Yourself a Tool to
Remove & Tighten Lower Stud-Nuts Underneath the Upper Turret.

     Also use it as a  "Feeler Gage"  to  Set  &  Maintain the  1/8" Gap on All your Strip-Targets!
Resolver Feedback Package

Used on  All  X, Y,  and  T  Axis
Servo Motors on  All
HECC80  CNC  Control
Strippit Machines Ever Made.

#17648-000  Resolver Coupling,
Used to Couple Servo Motor to the Resolver Feedback Package.

Worn-Out   Resolvers,
Broken-Couplings,   and
Intermittent Wire Cables  are
The Most Common Causes of
X,   Y,   T   Axis 
"Excess Error"
"Running-Away"  Problems!
Kevlar-Brake Disks

In the Olden Days,  Brake Disks were made with Asbestos, Copper, and Other Materials.   These Materials were Discontinued in Early 1980's,  and Clutch & Brake Disks have been made with  Ceramic Materials  ever since.
Problem is,  Ceramic Linings are Harder than the Steel & Iron Surfaces in Brake Assemblies.   This Causes Disk to Burrow into the Metal and Destroys the Brake Assembly,  so that it can Not be Rebuild like they used to be.

To Solve this Problem,  We Now  Manufacture Our Own 8 Inch Kevlar-Lined Brake Friction Disks.
These Disks are Machined out of Solid 8 Inch Steel Bar Stock,  the Internal Splins are Flame-Hardened, 
and Finally Kevlar Friction Material is Bonded to the Brake Disk.  
The Kevlar Material Will Not  "Eat"  into the Metal Surfaces of your Brake Assembly,  and will Not Wear it out!

These 8 Inch Disks are  Exact Replacements for Strippit Part  #18075-100,  and are for the
Strippit  FC750,  FC750/2,  FC1000,  FC1000/2,  FC1000/3,  FC1250/30/1500  Machines with  1 or 2  Disk  Air-Brakes.

Some Brake Rebuilding Notes;
1 -- Do Not put a New Brake or Brake Disk on to a Worn-Out Crankshaft Brake Splin Hub,  Replace Hub if Worn!
2 -- Coat Internal-Splins of Disks & External-Splins of Hub with Molykote GN Paste using a Toothbrush.
3 -- Coat all Studs of Drive-Ring & Pressure-Plate with Molykote GN Paste,  Do Not get it on to Friction Surfaces!
4 -- Replace Studs if Excessively Worn or Broken.   Studs can be Pressed-Out with a Arbor-Press.
5 -- If Drive-Ring & Pressure-Plate surfaces are Worn,  Machine them Flat on a Lathe before installing New Disk.
6 -- Depending on Brake Version,  there are up to 24 Washers & Spacers, try to put them back in Correct Places!
7 -- Brakes with Stroke-Limiters are Shimmed for a  .030  to  .050  Inch Gap under Bumpers.
8 -- Stroke-Limiter can be Added if Brake does not have Option,  this reduces wear & noise & improves speed.
9 -- Always Replace Seals when Rebuilding Brake,  All Air-Brakes use Seal Kit Part  #17364-200.
Sensors  &  Magnets

#18122-000  HECC80-Type Only Sensor,  On The Left in The Photo Above.

#17441-000  Magnet with Special Kelps-Nut,  Used with  Both Type Sensors.

#17792-000  2nd Generation  "A-Control"  Type Sensor,  On the Right in Photo Above.

#17440-000  1st Generation  "A-Control"  Type Sensor
Has short 6 inch Wires instead of Cable.   Not Shown in Photo above.

These Sensors & Magnets were Used on most Strippit NC & CNC Machines for
Clutch-Dump,   Brake-On,   Ram-Up,  &  Tool-Doors,  Etc.,  up to 1987,
When Strippit Changed Over to Using Fanuc Controls & Proximity Sensors.

Note,  The  2  Sensor-Types  ("A-Control" & "HECC80")  are Not Interchangeable!

These Sensor Switches are No Longer Manufactured,  and Availability is very Limited!
See Our  Sensor Retrofit Webpage
New Workclamps
and  Workclamp Repair Parts

---  Complete New Workclamps

---  Clamp Bodies

---  Lower Jaws

---  Upper Jaws

---  Air Cylinders

Many Other
are Available.

Call with the
You Need.

Grinding  Wheels

If you have a
Strippit   #85010-000  or  #72150-000
Punch & Die Tool Sharpener Machine,
Like Shown at Right,  Then you will Need
New  #12359-000  Grinding Wheels

Strippit Only Sells  Crappy Imported Wheels
that have  Less  Abrasive-Material
than Original Wheels they Sold Years-Ago.

Strippit's Crappy Wheels also use a
Very Poor Binder-Glue   so they are
"Soft"  and  "Wear-Out"  Very Fast.

We Now have Limited-Supply of
The Original Grinding Wheels!

If You Want a
Top-Quality   Grinding Wheel
for Your Tool Sharpener,
We Are The Only Source!

We Also have  1  Refurbished 
#85010-000  Tool Sharpener Machine  For-Sale!

This is Strippit Part Number  #107727-100  Auto-Index Coupling.
2 are Used  (1 on Upper Turret & 1 on Lower Turret)
to Engage the A/I Gearboxes for the Auto-Index Turret Stations
on Strippit Machines Built in the late 1980's and 1990's.
We have these Special Couplings In-Stock.
Strippit  and  G.E. Servo-Drive Boards,  On-The-Shelf,  Ready To Ship!
Strippit Houdaille HECC80 Control Boards,  On The Shelf,  Ready To Ship!
X  &  Y  Axis  Re-Zeroing Procedures

Note,  Whenever you Un-Bolt or Change a  Resolver,  Resolver Feedback Package,  Ballscrew,  Ballscrew Coupling,  Servo Motor,  Etc,  you have Disturbed the Mechanical Relationship between these Components,  and you will Need to  "Rezero"  your Axis.
X & Y Axis Rezeroing Procedures are Explained on Our   "Workclamp"  WebPage.
Single-Station  Strippit Punch Machine Parts
If you have a Single-Station Strippit Machine - Custom 18/30,  Custom 30/30,  Super 30/30, Super 30/30-AG,  Super 30/40-Mechanical,  We Do Stock some Parts for these Machines.
Punch-Head Rebuild Kits
Hook & Handle  Locking Kits
1 1/4"   &   3 1/2"
Swing-Arm  Punch Holders
"Click-On"  the Button at The Right
for More Single-Station Strippit Machine Parts and Trouble-Shooting Information!
Table Roller-Ball Assemblies

Dozens of these Ball Assemblies were Built-In to Table Tops to Support Sheetmetal Part Blanks,  and were used on Strippit CNC Machines from Early 1970's to the Mid 1990's.
Assemblies consist of  #17899-000  Clip,  #17459-000  Spring,  and  #17848-000  Roller-Ball.
Early Roller-Balls had a Steel Body,  while Later Versions had a Plastic Body,
like in the above Photo.    Metal and Plastic Versions both worked equally well.
This Early Assembly  "Clips"  into a  Round Hole &  2 Slots in Table Tops.
We Stock these New Ball Assemblies and also Good Used Assemblies at Half-Price of New.
In the Mid-1990's,  Strippit Switched to a Better Type of Roller-Ball Assembly
that was  Bolted to the Table Top with 2 Small Bolts,  making it very Secure
so it would Not Fall-Out of Table,  like the Older Type often did.

Strippit also started Offering Brush-Tops instead of Roller-Balls in these Assemblies,
as many feel they do not Scratch or Mark Piece Parts as much as Roller Balls.
We do Not Stock the Later Type of Ball-Assemblies or Brush-Assemblies at this time.
Upper Turret Station Repair Parts
CAP1000  and  CAP1250
1 1/4 Inch
Tool Lifters

We also have a Few #8681505-020
3 1/2 Inch Tool Lifters
"R-Type"  #120277-000
1 1/4 Inch Tool Lifter
as used on
630R,  1000R,  1000R2,  1000/R20,  1000XP,  1000XP/20,  1000H20,  1250R,  1250R20,  1250XP20,  1250H20
1 1/4 Tool Lifter
as used on  1000S, 1000SX,  1000SXP, 1000SXP/30,  1250S, 1250SX,  1250SXP, 1250SXP/30,  1250M, 1250MH,  1250MXP/30,  & Fanuc Control FC1000/3
Liza  &  Cisco
North Carolina  Snowflakes
on a 
Happier Day
Long Ago.....
For Over 50-Years,   All  Strippit Turret Punch-Press Machines
with  Pneumatic (Air)  Clutch  &  Brakes  have used the
"Dull Orange-Red"  #17363-300  Clutch Poppit Valve,   as  Shown Above.
These Poppits are made from Cast-Urethane Material
and  Will  Always  Break  &  CrumbleSooner  or  Later,   Requiring  Replacement!

We now use a  New-Type  "Bright RedPoppit Valve  with  1 Center-Hole
as  Shown Below.   Part-Number  for this   NEW  Poppit Valve Kit  is  #17363-300
and  Includes   New Poppit,   Poppit O-Ring,   Small O-Ring for Rotary-Union,
Synthetic  "Red"  Grease  to Coat  QRV-Valve-Bore  &  Outside of O-Rings,
and  Installation Instructions  with  QRV-Rotary Valve  Blue-Prints.

#17363-300  Clutch Poppit Valve
Original  "Dull Orange-Red" Type with 3 Holes.   Clutch Poppits  Crack &  Fall-Apart
(See 2 Photos Below)
as they Age,  Causing 
Big Clutch Air-Leaks  &  Loss of Punching Tonnage
&  MUST  be Replaced from Time to Time!
  We Keep  New Poppits Kits  In-Stock!
Up until about 1990,  Strippit used Separate Mac Air Valves for the various
Machine Functions like  Workclamps,  Shotpins,  Progressive-Move,  Etc.
These Separately-Mounted Valves were fairly Easy to replace
when there was a Valve Problem,  like "Sticking".

After 1990,  Strippit switched to Newer Design of Valve "Stacks"  where all the various Valves were combined into 1 Valve-Stack that was
Ordered  &  Purchased  &  Assembled  and ready to bolt-on to Machine.
This made it easier and quicker to assemble Machines  and these
Valve-Stacks worked quite well.    Until they Do Not.

Years later,  when you have a Machine Function not working because of a problem
with 1 of the  "Sections" of Valve-Stack,  you will find that it is too-expensive to change the whole Assembly,  so you have to replace just the Bad Section.
Unfortunately,  It is Pain in the Ass to change the 1 Section
that is Sticking or Not Working,  But  that is what you will have to do.

Depending on Location of the Bad Valve in the Stack,  you have to  Very Carefully
remove some or all Wires (Tag Wires Carefully!),  Air Hoses,  Bolts,  Etc.  to be able to remove the Bad Section.   These will  ALSO  be Many  Alignment Pins,  Gaskets,
O-Rings,  Air-Plugs,  and other small parts that  MUST be Reassembled Correctly 
and  Cleanly with No Dirt  or  it Will Not Work,  and
you will Have to Take it Apart  &  Reassemble it all over Again!
Take your time  and  do it Correctly the First Time!

There are  2 Types of Valve-Stack Sections.

There are "Single-Acting Sections"  with  1 Push-Button Operator
on 1-Side of Valve-Section which are used for
Single-Acting (Spring-Return)  Air Cylinders like  Workclamp Cylinders.

And there are "Double-Acting Sections"  with  2 Push-Button Operators,
  1 on each Side of Valve-Section which are used for
Double-Acting Air Cylinders like  Shotpin Cylinders.

"Single-Acting Sections"
with 1 Push-Button Operator
on 1-Side of Valve-Section
which are used for
Single-Acting  (Spring-Return)
Air Cylinders like
Workclamp Cylinders.

"Double-Acting Sections"
with 2 Push-Button Operators
1 on Each Side of
which are used for
Air Cylinders like
Shotpin Cylinders

We have a Small Stock of New
"Single-Acting Valve Sections"  and  "Double-Acting Valve Sections"
and  Some  Valve Rebuild Kits.