Special Strippit HECC80 CNC Control Parts
Machine Technologies Stocks Strippit  HECC80 Control Parts  that  Other's 
(New Machine Salesmen Perhaps?)  Claim are  "Not Available".     While not state-of-the-art,  older Strippit CNC Machines are usually Already in Place & Running,  are Affordable,  Parts & Service Are Available,  and Can Do  "The Job"  in most cases.   If you need new features like  Auto-Index Stations,
Programmable-Rams for Forming,  Etc.,   by all means,  Go Ahead and Buy a New Machine!

But Don't Spend  $300,000.00  to  $450,000.00  on a New Machine Just because  
"Someone"   told you   "Parts & Service are not available",   because   Its Just Not True!
This is the  Burroughs Self-Scan Display
that was Originally used on Strippit Houdaille  HECC80,  HECC80/1,  HECC80/102,  HECC80/28,
HECC80/750,  and  HECC80/752 Controls.  

Burroughs  Displays have
Characters that are  Bright-Orange in Color.

These are out of production,  but we have a small stock of these Displays left.
We can also Repair Customer's Displays if
the Problem is caused by Bad Electronics.  
If Display-Tube is Bad they are Not Repairable.
Below are 2 views of  #401605-000  Display Retrofit Kit that takes the place of old Burroughs Display. This Display Type is easy to identify as it's  Characters are a  Green-Blue  Color.

Later HECC80 Controls listed above left Strippit Factory with this type Display.   Other Controls had
new Display Retrofitted when original Burroughs Display went bad.    If you have a bad  Burroughs
Display on your Control this Retrofit Display Kit is the  Fix.    We Stock Retrofit Display Kits!  
Retrofit Display Kit is not quite a bolt-in replacement as several wire changes need to be made.
A good Service Technician should be able to install it in about an hour.    Retrofit Display is More Reliable than Burroughs Display,  but if you have one go bad,  we can Repair it in 2 days or less.
This is original  #22359-000 Custom-Made MicroSwitch Keyboard as used on Strippit Houdaille  HECC80/3,
HECC80/302,  HECC80/304,  HECC80/306,  and
HECC80/BC  Controls.    As Cheap Imports  (Thanks Free-Trade Policies!)  have driven most American Keyboard Companies Out Of Business, 
This Keyboard Is No Longer Made!    We have a stock
of original Keyboards & Repair Parts and can Repair some Keyboards,  depending on particular failure.
The HECC80/30x Controls listed above
will Not Run with out a Good Keyboard!

To Solve this Problem,  Machine Technologies Manufactures a Custom Keyboard that bolts easily in to these Controls.    Just remove the old keyboard,  drill 2 small mounting holes,  bolt-on New Keyboard,  and plug-in the data cable.    Does NOT require a Service-Call,  and takes about 10 minutes to install. This New Keyboard Retrofit also has the advantage of being Sealed,  so Dirt & Grit from Plasma and LaserTool Machines will Not Wear it out,  a Problem the Original type Keyboard did have.

There were several types of  CRT Monitor Displays used in these HECC-80/30x Controls.   We can repair some of them,  and stock New Replacement CRT Monitor Display Units for those that we can not fix.
Call us for details on CRT Display Repairs.

We also Stock Control Panel Switches,  like 
"Cycle Start"  Switch.    And All Circuit Boards, 
Power Supplies,  and other Electronic Control Parts.

Call Us on what you are looking for!

This is the 
#400799-600  Keypad
as was used on All
HECC80/1 Type Controls.

We Still have a stock of New & Rebuilt
Keypads left.

We also have all the
Parts to Repair Your Keypad Quickly!
This is the Original Microswitch
#17623-000  Strip-Sensor  &
#17624-000  Strip-Amplifier  (Blue-Box)
#17609-000  Strip-Relay  Assembly
Parts were used on most all NC & CNC Strippit Machines built from 1975  to 1987  for Punch-Tool  Strip-Detection .

If your Machine will Not Contour-Nibble,
your Strip-Circuit is Not Working!

Sensor are  No Longer Available
as they were Discontinued in 1994.
We have  Amplifier & Relays In-Stock.

ALL of These  Parts have been Replaced by Our  #17623-500  Strip-Sensor
Retrofit  Kit  Shown Below.
This is  #17623-300  Strip-Sensor Retrofit Kit
that Replaces All the Old  Strip-Sensor  & 
Blue-Box Amplifier  &  Relay Assembly.

Part  #17623-300 Installation is Not Hard,  and Instructions are Included.   Old Sensor and Blue-Box Assembly are Removed,  New Strip-Sensor Installed,  and then connect Sensor's  2 Wires.   Kit is for All Strippit Houdaille built Controls from early  NC  "A"  Types to All CNC HECC80 Types.
This Kit was Not made for Fanuc Control CAP-1000
and CAP-1250  Machines which also used Old Strip
Amplifier Assembly.    However,  It Will Work on CAP
Machines if a Small Relay is Wired-In to Invert
Strip-Signal to the Fanuc Control.     Strippit's Service Dept. Now uses Our Sensor and their  #8312088-000 Relay on CAP Machines for CAP Strip Circuits.

We Stock a Relay Kit with Instillation Instructions,
that is used with  #17623-300  Sensor Kit
that will Work on CAP1000  &  CAP1250 Machines.

This is the  #401350-000  Bubble Memory Board
that most  HECC80/30x Controls use.  
These Controls use this Board as a Solid-State Disk-Drive to Store All the System Programs that Run Machine and Control,  as well as also Storing the User-Part Programs.  
Bubble Board is in Cardcage Slot #6.

If your Machine has a Strippit Houdaille HECC80 Control and a CRT Monitor Display,   It is one of the HEC80/30x Controls.    The 5  HECC80/30x Control Types Are;

---  HECC80/3    1st Version of this Class of Controls,
     NO-Bubble Memory.    Used on about the first 30 
     FC1000/3 Machines,  Most were Later Retrofitted in the 
     Field with Bubble-Memory to the HECC80/302 Type.

---  HECC80/302      Used on  FC1000/3  Machines,
     has  Bubble-Memory

---  HECC80/304      Used on  FC1500/45  Machines

---  HECC80/306      Used on  FC1250/30/1500  and
     FC1250/30/1500 Lasertool Machines

---  HECC80/BC       Used on  Blanking Center Machines

We have  Bubble Memory Boards  &
Socket-Type Intel Bubble Chips In-Stock!

Machine Technologies can usually Repair Failed Bubble Boards and Reload System Software.   However,  there are Many Different Software Versions.   If you have a good set of System Software Paper-Tapes,  take Good Care of them as they are useful in Repairing these Boards.

We have Various Updates & Fixes for Both Bubble Boards and the Machine itself to help Prevent the Various "DFxx"  Dead Bubble Board Error Messages.   Call for Details.

This is  #17546-000  Resolver Feedback Package,
and the  #17648-000  Resolver-Coupling.    Both are Located on End of Each  (X, Y, T)  Servo Motor,
for Axis Position-Feedback to the CNC Control.

When a Machine Axis is
"Jumping",  "Mispositioning",   or  "Running-Away",
The  Resolver   Is The First Place to Investigate !!!

Remove Package from the Motor,  then Spin and Rock the Small Resolver Shaft between your Fingers.    If there is much Shaft-Sideplay,  or if it Turns-Rough,  Replace the Feedback Package!  

In Extreme Cases,   Resolver   in this Feedback Package Locks-Up and Breaks Resolver Coupling,  Causing Axis to  "Run-Away",  which is Dangerous!

Broken Resolver & Tach Wires,  and Loose
Cable-Connectors can also Cause these Problems.
When in Doubt,  Replace the Feedback-Package!
Here is the  #400767-000 Sensor Switch  that senses whether Shotpins are In or Out on FC750 Machines. 
Two are used,  1 for Upper-Shotpin and 1 for
Lower-Shotpin.    And Each Sensor is really 2 Switches, 
1 for Shotpins-In,  and 1 for Shotpins-Out.
There are Several Problems with this Sensor.

1 -- It is a Optical  (infrared light beam)  switch,  so as dirt, 
oil,  and grease Accumulate on it,  the 2 light beams are blocked,  and it stops working.    And its location makes it Very Hard to Clean.    Use Cotton Q-Tip Swabs and
Rubbing Alcohol to clean out the 4 sensor holes.
Do Not use a Stronger Solvent,  or you will Melt Optics!

2 -- It Wears Out!   While solid-state electronics do not
burn-out like a light bulb,  the infrared emitter's output decreases over time,  so after a few years,  it becomes more and more Intermittent until it does not work at all. 
As it is potted in epoxy, 
it can Not be repaired,  so must be replaced.

3 -- As it is actually Custom-Made by Strippit,  there are no other Sources to buy it from,  and it is Expensive.
And  2 Sensors,  Upper & Lower,  are needed per Machine.
Because of these Problems,  we have developed our own  FC750 Shotpin Sensor Retrofit Kit  using 4 Special Proximity Sensors to detect the Shotpin-In and Shotpin-Out Positions.      Advantages Are;

1 -- Dirt,  Oil,  and Grease Do Not Effect it, 
      Needs No-Cleaning Ever!

2 -- It Does Not  "Wear-Out"  over time.

3 --  It Costs Less than Original Sensor Switche.

4 --  Has LED Light on End of each Sensor to
       tell you when its On or Off.  
      This is Great for Set-Up & Troubleshooting!

Note,   FC750/2  Machines used a Completely Different Shotpin Sensor Set-Up,  using a  1/4" Dowel-Pin attached to Each Shotpin with a #17441-000 Magnet on End,  which activated
2 --  #18122-000 Sensors for In & Out Sensing.
We,  Of Course,  Have these Parts In-Stock!
From 1970's to late 1980's, Strippit used 2 of these Duel-Optical Vane Switches to provide No-Punch Zones to protect Workclamps from being  "Punched".   Usually 2 switches were used,  1 on X-axis
and 1 on Y-Axis.   When a X switch was blocked,  a Workclamp was near  X Punch-Centerline.
If a Y switch was blocked,  you had Y-Axis and Workclamps all the way in near  Y Punch-Centerline.

Switches are Wired-In-Parallel,  so that Only if you had  BOTH  Sensor Switches Blocked,  would you
create a  "No Punch Zone"  where Machine Would Not Punch,  saving Workclamps from damage.

Note,  some late model FC1000/3 & FC1250 Machines used only 1 switch,  on the X-Axis only.
They used a X-axis sensor and Known Y Position in Control's Software to create  "No Punch"  Zone.

Each sensor block is really 2 Optical  (infrared light beam)  switches,  1 for the  3 1/2 inch Large stations,  and 1 for the  1 1/4 inch Small stations,  so we have both Large and Small No-Punch Zones.

Sensors have Several Problems;

1  --  Clearances between the 2 Metal Workclamp Vanes and Sensors are Very Small.   Make sure that Both Workclamps Vanes go through the 2 Switch-Slots Without Touching Anywhere!  
Check Weekly,  or even Daily!!!     If Vanes Hit,  Expensive Sensor is Destroyed,  Vanes are Torn-Up,  Mounting Screws are Sheared off,  etc.     Its expensive and a pain to properly repair.
Loose Workclamps are a Major cause of Vane Crashes.

A Smashed No-Punch Zone Sensor is the Most Common Failure there is on Machines!

2  --  Sensors can get oily and dirty,  which will Block light beams,  giving a False No-Punch Zone.
Gently Clean the  4 Small Sensors Tips with Q-Tip Cotton Swabs and Rubbing-Alcohol.
Do Not use a Stronger Solvent which will Melt Sensors!

3  --  Reflected Light  can Activate sensors even when blocked by Workclamp or Y-Axis Metal Vanes,
allowing you to Punch your Workclamps.    Clean  Metal-Vanes with Solvent,  then Paint with  Flat-Black  Spray Paint.     Do Not get any Paint on Sensors!

4  --  Sensors were Custom-Made by Strippit,  so they are Expensive!     We now Manufacture and sell them at a Lower-Price.    And We Include Set-Up Notes & Information With Our Version!
We have Improved this Part as Our  Sensors have  .450" Wide Sensor Slots,  which means you have More Clearance and are Less Likely to Hit Sensor than with Strippit's  .375" Sensor Slot.

Note!    Old Strippit Manuals list this Sensor as Part  #102361- 000  which was Original 12 Volt Only Version.     This is a Obsolete Part Number and is No Longer Made
It was Replaced by the New   #102361-100  Version  which will work on Both 12 and 24 Volt Machines.

When Calling Us,  ask for  #102361-100  No-Punch Zone Sensor,  Which We Stock!

If Both Sensors are in Good Condition  (Not-Hit)  & Clean,  and you Still get False  "No-Punch Zone"  Error Messages,  or no Messages when you should,   then you probably have a  Machine or Control Signal Wiring Problem  or a Control Circuit Board Problem.   
Specifically a  "Machine Switch Isolator"  Board  (Slot #9)  on  HECC80/1 Controls, 
or a  "TB-230 Input Isolator Board"  and  "G/P I/O Board"  (Slot #12)  on HECC80/3 Controls.

This page was last updated on: February 18, 2018
  Machine Technologies Sells this  #17546-000  Resolver Feedback-Package
on a Exchange-Basis,   Or
You Can Pay 3 Times As Much From Strippit  at  $2216.00+ for a Exchange!!!
This is Kind of a  "No-Brainer"  Decision,  Don't You Think?

Above is Our  New Replacement Keyboard  for the Strippit HECC80/30x Controls.
Just Drill 2 Mounting Holes,  Bolt to Control,  Plug-In the Cable,  and You Are Done!
Machine Technologies Co.

Strippit Repair-Parts
Strippit Machine & Control Service
Phone:  704-233-5229

More Information is on our Contact-Page
Here Are Some  "Hard To Find"  Strippit Control Parts We Stock!
NOTE !!!

All HECC80 Control Keyboards & Keypads Used
Magnetic-Switches,   Not Mechanical Switches.

Hitting Keys  "Harder"  to  "Make Them Work"   Will Only Break Switches!!!

And,  Do Not Spray  "Electronic Cleaner Solvents"
into Keypads & Keyboards to Try to  "Clean"  or  "Fix It" !
This Will Melt Key Switches and Destroy the Keypad or Keyboard !!!

If Keyboard Does Not Work,  Send It In to Us to Be Repaired or Replaced!
#102361-100  Workclamp No-Punch Zone Sensors
Under the  HECC80/30x  Control's CRT Monitor Display is the
#401390-000  8-Key  "Softkey Keyboard",  as Shown Above.

There were 2 Slightly Different Versions Made,  both are Interchangeable,
though you May need to Modify the Mounting Bracket a Bit.

In Photo Above, Top Keyboard is the Later Type,  Made with the  "B"  Revision Circuit Board.   There are 3 Metal Stand-Offs to Hold the Circuit Board Correct Distance from Sheetmetal Mounting Bracket.   Bracket is also sort of a  "Box"  with 4 Folded-Up Sides.

Lower Keyboard is Earlier Type,  Made with  "A"  Revision Circuit Board.   It does Not have the 3 Stand-Offs,  and Mounting Bracket Extends Out the Bottom and has 2 Slots.

As Cheap Chinese Imports have Caused all the US Keyboard Manufactures to Close,
New Softkey Keyboards are Not Available. 
However,  We Do Have The Special Parts to Repair These Special Keyboards!
Sensors  &  Magnets

On Above Left is  #18122-000  Sensor,  For the  HECC80 CNC Control Machines Only!

On Above Right is  #17792-000  Sensor,  For the  "A-TypeNC Control Machines Only!

In the Middle are  #17441-000  Sensor-Magnets that work with Both Sensors.

These Sensors & Magnets were used on Most Strippit Machines Built from 1975 to 1987,
For   "Ram-Up",   "Brake-On",   "Clutch-Off",   and   "Tool-Doors".

These Sensors are No Longer Manufactured,  and availability is very Limited!
See Our  Sensor Retrofit Webpage!
We Now have  Brand New
Made in the U.S.A.
CRT Monitor Displays In-Stock
for Your Strippit HECC80/30x Control!
We Stock All
HECC80 CNC Control Circuit Boards
and all
G.E. Servo Drive Boards.
Strippit has been Telling Their Customers that
General Electric  Servo Drive Parts are
"Not Available".    It's Not True!

We Have Plenty of
#22648-000   Power-Module   G.E. #  44B295239-G05
#22645-000   PWMC7 Board   G.E. #  44A297086-G03
#22646-000   PWMC8  Board  G.E. #  44A297087-G03

Note!  Original  #17623-000  Strip-Sensor  and   #17623-300  Retrofit Strip-Sensor
are  No Longer Available!
Click-On  Button  to the Right for
Current  Strip-Sensor Retrofit Fix!