Strippit LCD-Display for the Replacement of Old CRT-Displays Strippit LCD-Flatscreen CRT Replacement
LCD-Flatscreen Display  Replacement
for  Strippit  HECC80/3  CRT Control Monitor
A Problem Area of HECC80/3 Type Controls was CRT Display  (Cathode Ray Tube
that was used to Display Information to the Machine Operator.

CRT's are Old Technology that was Invented all the way back in the 1800's, 
and  have Many Deficiencies that affect Modern CNC Control.

CRT's Are;
--  Heavy & Bulky
--  Make Much Waste Heat that can effect both CNC-Control & CRT-Reliability
--  Generate Hi-Voltages from 10,000 to 20,000 Volts causing Shock Hazards
--  Hi-Voltages Arc into Cables feeding back to Control causing Circuit Board Failures
--  Hi-Voltages can generate X-Rays that present a Health Hazard
--  CRTs are Obsolete and Production of New Replacement CRT's has Ceased
--  Displays are often Distorted, Wavy, Fade In & Out with Vibration, Temperature, Etc.
--  CRT's were mostly Poorly-Made in the Orient,  are Not very Reliable,  and are 
    Difficult or Impossible to get Parts & Schematics for to Repair.

For these Reasons,  we have Released our New  LCD  (Liquid Crystal Display)
Display Replacement for the Strippit HECC80/3 Controls.   

This LCD Display is a  Direct Bolt-In Kit  that requires No Modifications to your Control.

You Simply;
1  --  Unbolt and Remove your Old CRT Assembly from HECC80 Control.
2  --  Remove Old CRT Data Cable that goes to CRT Controller Board in Slot #8.
3  --  Some Old CRTs also had Power Cables,  remove these Cables if Present.
4  --  Bolt In the New LCD Display to HECC80 Control.
5  --  Plug-In New Data Cable from LCD to the Same CRT Controller Board in Slot #8.
6  --  Plug-In New Power Supply in AC Power Strip,  and Plug-In Power Cable to LCD.

And you Are Done!   
New LCD Display should take less than a Half Hour to Install.
Front View of Our  First-Generation  LCD Display.
Photo does Not do Justice to Clarity of this Display.
Below is the Backside of LCD Display
showing Computers that Digitalize & Process the Old Analog Signals
from HECC80 Control into New Signals that New LCD Display uses.
NOTE!  This First-Generation  LCD Display is No Longer Available and has been
Replaced  with our  Second-Generation  LCD Display Kit!
This page was last updated: February 6, 2023
Front  and  Back View  of Our
Second-Generation  LCD Display,
Which is Still Available!