Strippit Machine
International  Sales & Shipping

Here at   The Machine Technologies Company,
We Specialize in Providing;
---   Strippit Houdaille HECC80 Control Electronic Repair Parts,
---   G.E.  (General Electric Co.)  Servo Drive Repair Parts,
---   Electronic Circuit Board Repairs,
---   Machine Mechanical Repair Parts,
for  All Strippit CNC Punch Machines that have The  HECC80  CNC Controls.

Many Strippit HECC80 Control Machines have been Exported from Strippit Factory in Akron, New York.    And many Machines were Exported from the  "Used"  Marketplace.

In addition,  Strippit used to send  Machine-Parts  and  CNC-Control  "Kits"  to
Press & Shear Company in England,  Promocam in France,  and  Mazak in Japan
where  "Strippit"  Machines were build with Local Labor & Material Content.  
Sadly,  Press & Shear and Promocam Mfg. Companies are now Out of Business,  and  Mazak seems to have Dropped All Knowledge of their Collaborations with Strippit.

As a side note,  Amada bought the Remnants of the Promocam Company.
That's where Amada got their Up-Acting Brake Designs,  from Promocam.

A big part of Machine Technologies Business is Shipping Repair Parts and doing
Circuit Board Repairs for these HECC80 Control Machines to Support our Many Customers around the World,  as the Strippit Company has Abandoned them.

So far,  We have Shipped Machine Repair Parts to;
---   Argentina
---   Australia
---   Canada
---   Columbia
---   Costa Rica
---   Croatia
---   Dominican Republic
---   England
---   Ecuador
---   Finland
---   France
---   India
---   Ireland
---   Italy
---   Malta
---   Mexico
---   New Zealand
---   Peru
---   Philippines
---   Poland
---   Puerto Rico
---   Saudi Arabia
---   Singapore
---   Slovakia
---   South Africa
---   Switzerland
---   Trinidad
---   Turkey

We are Happy to Service all these Customers,  but We Need Your Help,  to Help You!

We Very Much Prefer that Our International Customers have  Their Own
DHL,    UPS,   or   FedEx    Shipping Account that We can use to Ship Their Repair Parts!

This is because,  while we can somewhat  Estimate Shipping Costs,   it has Proven
Impossible to Estimate Import Countries'   Taxes,   Duties,   Government Fees,
Brokerage Fees,  and   Extra Shipper-Fees that are  Sometimes  Added-On.

Sometimes these  Various  Import Fees,  Duties,  &  Taxes  have been  Erroneously
Back-Billed to Us  by Shipping Carrier,  which has caused us a Great Deal of Difficulty.

We Prefer International Customers have Their Own International Shipping Account!
We Recommend an Account using   DHL,   UPS,  Or   FedEx  Shipping Companies.

This way,  we will only Charge you for Actual Repair Parts Cost Only,  and
actual Shipping Costs will be Billed to you by Your Own Local Shipping Company.

Most Customers Pay for their Repair Parts with a  Visa  or  MasterCard  Credit Card.
Note,  There will be a  4% Fee Added when we Charge a Non-U.S. Credit Card.
And we Need Exact Address & Name where Your Monthly Credit Card Bill is Mailed-To!

Large Part Orders involving Large Dollar Amounts will be Paid by  Bank Wire-Transfer.

When we are Provided with a Valid Shipping Account & Payment,  we Normally Ship Parts within 24 Hours,  and they arrive in most places in the World in only 2 to 3 days.
Also,  Make sure Your-Account Allows a Third-Party  (Like Us)  to use Your Shipping Account to Export to You!      Links to   DHL,   UPS,   and   FedEx  are Provided below.

As soon as Parts have Shipped,  We  Email Customer with Transaction Details and
Tracking Number of Parts Shipment,  so you can  Track Your Parts Shipment Online.

Note!   If you are Shipping Parts to Machine Technologies to be Repaired & Returned,  Please contact us for our Shipping Address,  as you can  Not Ship to our  P.O. Box!!!

Note!    The TNT-Express Co.   Does Not Pick-Up  or  Deliver to This Area at All!
TNT  will Say that they Service this Area,  but they have DHL-Express Co.  Pick-Up
Package Here,  then Deliver it to TNT Somewhere Else,  then TNT Reships it to You!
This is Stupid  and You End-Up Paying for 2 Shipments and Added Extra Shipping Time!
It would be Quicker & Cheaper to Just use  DHL  (or  FedEx  or  UPS)  to Pick up Your Parts Package Here and Deliver it Directly to You!     So,  We Will NOT Ship With TNT !

This page was last updated: October 18, 2016
The Machine Technologies Company

Strippit Turret Punch-Press Machine
Mechanical Repair-Parts
Strippit Houdaille HECC80 Control Electronic
G.E. Servo Drive Electronic Repair-Parts.

Phone  704-233-5229

More Information is on   "Contact Information Page"
With some   Preferred Repeat  Customers who Do Not Have a Shipping Account
we do Deviate from this Policy Sometimes. 
With these Customers,  Using Their Visa or MasterCard Credit Card;

1  --  We Charge Your Credit Card  Just for the Repair-Parts Total  on Shipment Day.
        This is the First Credit Card Charge,  Just for Repair-Parts Cost.

2  --  When we Receive Invoice Bill for Shipping,  a couple of weeks later,
        we Charge your Credit Card Again
        Just for the Actual Shipping-Charges   Plus  4%  for our Charge-Costs.  
        This is Second Credit Card Charge,  Just for Shipping-Costs.

3  --  When Shipping,  We Fill-Out Shipping Waybill Paperwork Forms for 
       "Collect All Duties & Taxes From Receiver",   and these Fees Should be
       Collected at Package Delivery-Time,   from You The-Receiver.
       It is  Cheaper for You to Pay Any Duties & Taxes at Package Delivery-Time.

       Sometimes Shipping Carrier does Not Properly Collect these Duties & Taxes
       from the Receiver (You),  and Back-Bills them to Us in Another Invoice Bill.
       If this happens,  then we will Charge your Credit Card a Possible
       Third Time for Just These Duties & Taxes,  Plus  4%  for our Charge-Costs.

This is a Bit Messy,  but has  Actually been Working Quite Well  for Us and
Our Overseas Customers that do not have Import Shipping Accounts.

It has to be this Way,  or else
Get Your Own   UPS   or   FedEx   or   DHL    Import Shipping Account !!!

UPS  also does a Good Job delivering Packages Worldwide,   but  UPS seems to come-up with
Many  "Extra"  Fees and charges for every part of the Shipping & Delivery Process.
In January 2009,  DHL Discontinued all  U.S. Domestic  (U.S. State to State)  Shipping-Service,  and Layed-Off about 10,000  U.S.  Workers.    DHL still does International Shipping In & Out of the U.S.

But,  We have been having Trouble with  DHL  Shipping Company.    Their Customer Service has Gone-To-Hell,  and we have spent Over 4 Months trying to get them to Fix a Simple Billing Error where DHL Charged us for  17 LBS.  on a Package that Weighted  1.7 LBS.    Bill Still is  NOT Fixed!
I Recommend my Overseas Customers get a  FedEx   or   UPS  Shipping Account!
I Recommend my Overseas Customers get a  FedEx Shipping Account,  as  FedEx Co. seems to be 
the  Fastest,  most Efficient,  and  Reliable of the Express-Air Shipping Companies.
I sometimes use the  U.S. Mail Postal Service to Ship,  if you do Not have a Shipping Account.
The  U.S. Mail System  Delivers Your Package to  YOUR  Countries' Mail System
and  YOUR Countries' Mail System does the Final Delivery to You.

The Down-Sides of Mail Delivery is that it is Slow at about  1  to  2  Weeks Overseas
and  All  Package Tracking Stops when the Package Enters  YOUR  Countries' Mail System.

Up-Side is that Mailing is about Half the Cost of Other Shipping Companies.
Your Cost is Mail Shipping Cost and a  $20.00 Service Fee as I have to Drive into Town to Ship Mail.
Note!  Any  Duties  and  Taxes  that  YOUR Country Imposes will Need to be Paid at Package Delivery!