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Strippit Custom 18/30 Punch Machine
30 Ton Punching-Force, Good Running Condition,  s/n 3066976
Has BOTH  1 1/4"  AND  3 1/2"  Swing-Arm Tool Holders that many Machines Lack!
And we will include the LIKE-NEW 3 1/2" Punch-Holder shown below!
Strippit sells just 3 1/2" Swing-Arm Holder
& Punch Holder for  $6600.00 !!!

We are selling the Custom 18/30 Machine
AND  1 1/4" Swing-Arm Holder
AND  3 1/2" Swing-Arm Holder
AND  3 1/2"  Punch-Holder
All for just  $4500.00 !!
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Very Rare Strippit
5 Inch Punch Tool Holders

For Strippit 
FC1250/45/51,  FC1250/45/72,
FC51/30,  and FC51/40 
Turret Machines in the Big 5 Inch Station #1

Also Strippit Single-Station Machines;  Super 30/40,  Super 30/40 AG,  Super 750,  and  Super 750 AG

The  Machine Technologies Co.

Strippit  Mechanical  &  Electronic  Repair Parts
Strippit  HECC80  CNC-Control
Machine Repair Service

Phone  704-233-5229

For All You Guy's that have Managed to  Break  o r Lose
Your   1 1/4"  &   3 1/2"  Swing-Arm  Tool Holders,
We can Supply  Brand-New STEEL Swing-Arm Holders.

Old Strippit Iron 1 1/4" Holders Will Break-In 2 when they Fall-Off Table onto Floor,
and  Buyers of Used Machines Never Seem to get Both Holders!

Ours Are Steel,  Not Brittle Cast-Iron
That Strippit Has Been Selling Since The 1950's.

New Holders are Not Cheap.    But if you have a 
Custom 18/30,   Custom 30/30,   Super 30/30,   Super 30/40
Sonic 18/30,  or  Similar Single-Station Strippit Machine,
you have  Got To Have Holders if you Want To Punch Holes!
We are Looking to Buy
Old  Strippit  FC1000/3 Machines,  Running  or  Not!

We also sometimes Buy
Old  CNC Controls  and Old Machines,
just to  Scrap-Out  for the Parts,
Call us on What you have!

We are looking for  1 Inch-Wide Fan-Fold Punch-Paper,
which was used to
Load Paper-Tape Programs into Old NC Control Machines.
Strippit Imported Power Notcher from Italy in 1980's, 
Painted  "Strippit"  on it to 
Magically Became
"Strippit Notch-Rite".   But,  In that  Special Strippit Way,  Strippit has Abandoned Them,  with No Service & No Parts Available.  Picture is for
Reference,  We do Not have
a Notch-Machine For Sale!

We Do Have  1  Brand-New  Set of  4  Hi-Carbon Steel
(2 Upper  &  2 Lower)
Shear-Blades  For-Sale  for this Handy Machine.    Set of Blades is Shown Below.
Blades for Your Strippit
Notch-Rite Machine,
Buy Them Now!
Because When These are Gone,
We will Not be getting More.

This Set is

Part #18427-000
We have Just
This  1  Set
3 1/2"  Swing-Arm
Punch Tool-Holder Assembly

Complete as Pictured
at Left, Ready for Your
Super 30/30,
Custom 30/30,
Super 30/40,
Sonic 18/30,
or Custom 18/30
Strippit Machine.
1 1/4"  Swing-Arm
Punch Tool-Holder
Complete As Pictured
at Right, Ready for Your
Super 30/30,
Custom 30/30,
Super 30/40,
Custom 18/30,
or Sonic 18/30
Strippit Machine.

A Pair of Good Used
Original  Strippit
Short  Workclamps
FC750,   FC750/2,
Allows  9 Inch  Wider Sheets
to be Processed
on these Machine.

Can also be used on
to allow
11 Inche  Wider Sheets!

Warner's  Chancellor
1/8/1993   ---  11/15/2006
"Bandit"   Also known as  "The Hell-Bitch"
in Hot-Pursuit of
Cisco,  our Little 100+ lbs.  Red German Shepard Pup,
at   TopSail Beach

It's Good to be Our Dogs.
Click Button at Left  for  Super 30/30  and other Strippit Single-Station Machine Info!
3 Inch
Tool Set

Most of these Punches shown here are Sold.

I Still have some
2" x 2"  Dies
with Assorted
Die Clearances,

many of these Dies are

Strippit   and   Wilson

For  1 1/4"-Stations,   The  Hard-To-Find
For  1/2"--Shank Tools   Drop-In  Punch-Holders   with Head-Nut
For  5/8"--Shank Tools   Drop-In  Punch-Holders   with Head-Nut

These all go into  Standard  1 1/4" Stations
on   Single-Station  Machines    And    Turret-Machines

+.012" Clearance Die

.250" x 1.000"
Punch Assemblty and
  +.012" Clearance Die


.250" x 1.125"
Punch Assemblty and
  +.006" Clearance Die
Rare Strippit
3 1/2" Alignment and Indexing Tool Set.

Top-Tool's Dowel-Pins Mate with Lower-Tool's
Hardened-Bushings for
Lasting Durability and Accuracy.

And this is the ONLY Tool Set that has the
360 Degrees Etched into Lower-Piece for
Precise Angle Setting!

More Information!!!

3/1996   ---  12/1/2009
The Strippit  "Notch-Rite"  Saga
In early 1980's Strippit Sold Notcher Machines made here in USA by Sister Company Di-Acro,  which was also owned by Houdaille Industries.   Di-Acro Notchers used 4 Rectangle Blades that could be Flipped 4-Times to give you 4 Edges before needing Sharpening,  like any Good Shear Machine.

Then,  Wall-Street  KKR  &  Houdaille  Killed Di-Acro,  so Strippit Imported these Notch-Rite Machines from Italy.   Not bad Machines,  but for Unknown Reason,   All 4 Blades had Goofy Angles & Curves
so you could Not Flip them 4 Times.   Blades for this Italian Machine are Shown Below.

In Strippit's Quest to ever make Machines Cheaper,  Production was Moved again to Taiwan China.
Machines were similar,  but somehow,  design was changed for the 3rd time.   Blades are Sorta Rectangular,  but are Different from other 2 types,  how Stupid.    To try and Help 1 of Strippit's Own Customers,  I Talked to Strippit about these Machines & Parts,  but  Strippit Seems Clueless.

As there is  No Parts  &  No Service  &  No Support  from Strippit on these Machines, 
I would get my 5-Cents a Pound at Scrap-Yard for them,  and  Buy a Good German  Boschert  Notch Machine with a Extra Set of Blades.    There are also
Notchers from    Baileigh    &   JET   which  I  suspect  both come from same Taiwan Factory.
Gun Control

Rare  Strippit Thin-Turret  3 1/2"  Alignment  Tool Set

New  Long Upper-Blade  is  9.011"  Long.

New  Short Upper-Blade  is  8.549"  Long.

Some Machines have
Long-Blade on Right,  some on the Left,
I have No Idea Why.
New  2  Lower-Blades  are  10.375"  Long.
Make Sure Your Blades Match These When Ordering!
Also,  When Sharpening,  Top-Blades are Ground on the  Lower (Narrow) Edge,
Lower-Blades are Ground on the  Top (Wide) Edge.
If you Sharpen Blades Incorrectly,  You will Ruin Your Blade Set!!!

3 1/2 Inch  Stripping-Guide  Punch-Holder  Assemblies
Ready for Your Tool-Set.

I am Selling Stripping-Guide Assemblies Here, 
any Installed
Punch-Tools  &  Stripper-Plates  are  Included Free.

12/08/06   ---  09/12/13
The Bear Hunter

Kira's  a  Hi-Energy
which are  Fearless
Bear  &  Boar  Hunters,
With a Little
Pit-Bull  Mixed-In  Just to
Calm-Her-Down  a Little.

We Rescued her from a
Kill-Shelter  02/01/14

Off-Duty  at  Left,
Now Provides
Our Office Security.
One of
Sigourney Weaver's 
Space Aliens   Dropped-In,

Kira,  The Bear Hunter,
Short-Work of it.....

Wilson  4"  x  1"  Louver Tool  Set
New  Never-Used  Condition!!!
TWO  3 1/4"  x  3/8"  Louver Tool  Sets
---   Some Wear in Punch-Holders,
---  Both Top-Dies look Very-Good Condition
---  1  Bottom-Die looks in Very Good Condition
---  Other Bottom Die might need some work
Take  BOTH SETS  (4-Pieces)  for  1-Money  $350.00!

This page was last updated: March 25, 2021
5  STRIPPIT    3 1/2 Inch  Stripping-Guide  Punch-Holder  Assemblies  in  Like-New  Condition

Quick-Release  No-Tools  Stripper-Plate Release!
Just  Push-Down Button  &  Twist  to  Release  Retaining-Ring  &  Stripper-Plate!

I am Selling You the  3 1/2" Stripping-Guide  Punch-Holder Assembly
Any Installed   Punch-Tool  &  Stripper-Plate  &  Dies  are   Free  Extra  Add-Ons!


1 1/4"
3 1/2"
Punch Tool-Holder

Pictured at Left

Ready for Your
Super 30/30
Custom 30/30
Super 30/40
Super 30/40HD
Sonic 18/30
Custom 18/30
Strippit  Machine

Rare  Strippit  &  Amada
Thick-Turret 3 1/2"  Alignment  Tool Set

1/2 Inch  &  5/8 Inch
Drop-In Punch-Holders
for  1 1/4" Stations