Short Workclamps
The Way to Run  Wider-Sheets  on your  Strippit Machine!
No matter what Machine you have,
Everyone Wishes it would take a Larger Sheet of Material!

The most Common Model of Strippit  HECC80 Control  Machine is the
FC1000/1,   FC1000/2,   and   FC1000/3   Class of Machines.

These Machines have a Y-Axis Dimension of  39 inches from the  "Home"  Position to
Die Center.    Using our Short-Workclamps you can Run up to 9 Inch Wider  (48")  Sheets
in your Machine.    Now you can Process Larger Parts on your Machine,   And you can
also use  48 Inch Wide  "Off-The-Truck"  Sheet-Size of Material Without Shearing!
Short Workclamps,  The Double-Air-Cylinder Type,
Installed on my Circuit Board-Testing Strippit  FC1000/3  Machine
Both Short Workclamps Types shown above will work on following Strippit Machines:

FC750,  FC750/2   ---    Allows a  39 Inch Wide  (Y- Dimension)  Sheet

FC1000/1,  FC1000/2,  FC1000/3   ---    Allows a  48 Inch Wide  (Y- Dimension)  Sheet

These Same Short Workclamps  will Also Fit the  FC1250/30/1500  Machine Models
which will allow up to a  60 Inch Wide Sheet  (Y- Dimension)  to be Processed.

Short Workclamps are Easy to Install,  and
Easy to Swap Back & Forth with your Regular Long Workclamps;
---  Turn off Air Supply to Machine & Remove 2 Workclamp Air Hoses
---  Loosen 2 Bolts on each Long-Workclamp,  and slide them off the T-Bar
---  Slide on the Short Workclamps on to the T-Bar and Tighten their 2 Bolts
---  Plug-In the 2 Air Hoses to Short Workclamps,  and turn Air Supply back on.  That's It!
---  If using  "Air Over Oil Cylinder"  Type,  Lower Air Pressure to 50 PSI to Clamps,  
     Boost it back up to 90 PSI when Regular Long Workclamps are put back on Machine.

But,  Please Note the Following Caveats!

1 ---  You can now put a 9 Inch Larger Sheet on Machine,  but your Machine did Not Magically grow 9 Inches bigger.   For instance,  on a  FC1000 Machine,  you can Punch about 39 to 40 inches of the 48 ( Depending on how your Limit Switches are set-up).
To Punch remaining 8 to 9 Inches,  you will have to  "Flip" or  "Rotate"  the Sheet,  and Run that Part of Sheet again with a Second-Program or 2nd-Part of a 2-Part Run-Program.

2  ---  Your Long Workclamps are about  9 3/4 Inches long,  but they are Not made to any Particular Dimension.    We and Strippit are only concerned that they are Same Length,
so that they do Not Cock your Sheet Out of Square. 

We then Punch a Hole  (usually a  2"x2" Square)  between Workclamps,  and Measure
how much we are Off.    Then we  "Zero"   Y-Axis  by Rotating Resolver inside
Feedback Package on end of  Y Servo-Motor to Eliminate the Error.  

I use a 1" Dial-Indicator on a Mag-Base up against the Y Carriage.   With Machine-On,
I can slowly turn Resolver inside Feedback Package,  and Watch the Indicator to
Dial-Out the Exact Error.   Punch another Test Hole and Measure that you set Resolver Correctly,  you should be able to set within .002" if you have a Good Y-Axis Ballscrew.

Short Workclamps are about  5/8 Inch Long from the T-Bar,  so your  "Zero"
(Distance from Die-Center to the Far Edge of Sheet in Workclamps)  will now be moved about 9 Inches Plus About 1/8 Inch,  depending on your Short & Long Workclamp lengths.

You can Punch a Test Hole  (Best done with your 2"x2" Notch Unit in Station #1 that 99%
of all older Strippit's have)  and Measure how much you are off,  then either put a
"Fudge Factor"  in your Run Program,  or Adjust  Y-Resolver to compensate for Error.

Newer FC1000/3 Machines with a Fanuc Control can Adjust this Error with a Parameter or Grid-Shift Change in the Control's Memory.   Consult your Machines Control Maintenance and Programming Manuals on how to do this.

We used to build Short Workclamps to Order,
But  Availability is Now Very Limited as
Production has Stopped on many Types of  Short-Workclamps.
This page was last updated: January 31, 2023
There are 2 Kinds of Short Work Clamps.   Both Types work well.

The  "Double-Air Cylinder"  Type Show Above,
which we Used to have available as Brand-New Short Workclamps.

And "Air-Over-Oil Intensifier-Cylinder"  Type that Strippit Made Years-Ago,
and we have  Several-Pairs of This-Type Available Used for a Good Price
This Type is Shown Below.
A Good Used Pair of Strippit
"Air-Over-Oil  Intensifier-Cylinder"  Short Workclamps.

A  Air-Piston Inside Cylinder Moves a Smaller Oil Hydraulic Piston to give Very Powerful Clamp Pressure.

So Powerful that a 
Small In-Line Air Regulator 
(Set to  50 PSI Max.) 
Must be Installed in Air-line suppling
MAC Air Valve that sends Air to the
2 Short Workclamps.
This Lower Air Pressure is Required to keep Lower Jaws on this Type of Clamp from being Broken by
High Downward Clamp Pressure.

Note,  Air Regulator is Not Required  on  "Double-Air Cylinder" 
Type of Short Workclamp.  
These can use Full Air Line Pressure.
Use a Miniature  Air Regulator  with the Above
"Air-Over-Oil  Intensifier Cylinder"  Type Short Workclamps
like this  Grainger  #4ZM07   or Similar,
which has  1/8" N.P.T  (National Pipe Thread)  Input & Output Ports.

Also get  1/4" Air-Tube  to  1/8" N.P.T.  Air-Fittings,  some
Thin-Wall  1/4" Air-Tubing,  and  Air Gage to Set Pressure to 50 PSI Max.
We now have  Short Workclamps  for
"R"  &  "H'  Type Strippit Machines.
For following Strippit Machine Models;

           ---  FC630R                     ---  FC1250R
           ---  FC1000R                   ---  FC1250R/2
           ---  FC1000R/2                ---  FC1250XP
           ---  FC1000R20               ---  FC1250XP20
           ---  FC1000XP                 ---  FC1250H20
           ---  FC1000XP20
           ---  FC1000H20

These Short-Workclamps,  Show Above,
will Move Part-Sheet  Back about  7.5 Inches in the Y-Axis
allowing you to run Wider Sheets.
You just Slide Workclamps onto Machine & Hook-Up Air Hoses to Install.
We now have 1 Pair of NEW Official Strippit  Short Workclamps,
Shown Above,  for  "S"  &  "M"  Type  Strippit Machines,
For following Strippit Machine Models;

           ---  1000S                    ---  1250S                 ---  1250M
           ---  1000SX                  ---  1250SX               ---  1259MXP/30
           ---  1000SXP                ---  1250SXP
           ---  1000SXP/30           ---  1250SXP/30

These Short-Workclamps
will Move Part-Sheet Back about  10 Inches in the Y-Axis
allowing you to run  48" Wide Sheets on the 1000's
and  60" Wide Sheets on the  1250's.
You just Slide Workclamps onto Machine & Hook-Up Air Hoses to Install.
Note!    More  Axis-Zeroing  Information
is on our   "Workclamp"  Page.  
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