Strippit CNC Parts & Service Strippit Repair Parts & Strippit Service
  Strippit   Repair-Parts   and   Repair-Service
on  Strippit   CNC  HECC80 Control 
Turret   and   Single-Station  Punch-Press Machines

Strippit  Houdaille  HECC80-Controls  &  Servos  Are Our Specialty!
Machine Technologies Specializes in Complete Electronic
Mechanical Repair Parts
& Service,
on Strippit CNC
HECC80 Control Turret Punch Press Machines.

From Early
Strippit Houdaille Hardwired NC Control FC1000 Machines,  to CNC HECC80 FC1000/3 and FC1250/30/1500 Machines,
We Have The Parts & Expertise to Help!
--------  WE PROVIDE;
---  Strippit Houdaille Electronic Repair Parts
---  Strippit Machine Mechanical Repair Parts
---  Strippit HECC80 Circuit Board Testing & Repair
---  Control RS-232 Downloading Updates & Cables
---  General Electric Servo Drive Testing & Repair
---  On-Site Electronic & Mechanical Repair Service
---  Machine & Control Installation and Start-Up
---  Machine & Control Operator Training

  ----  FC750
  ----  FC750/2
  ----  FC51/30
  ----  FC51/40
  ----  FC1000/1
  ----  FC1000/2
  ----  FC1000/3
  ----  FC1250/30
  ----  FC1250/45
  ----  FC1250/45/72
  ----  FC1250/30/1500
  ----  FC1250/30/1500 Laser Tool
  ----  FC1250/30/1500 Laser Center
  ----  FC1500/45 Plasma Center
  ----  Blanking Center
Machine Technologies Co.

Machine Technologies Co.
Strippit  Punch-Machine  Repair-Parts   and
Strippit  CNC HECC80 Control  &  Machine Service

Our  Phone Hours  Are
8:30 AM   to   5:30 PM    U.S.  Eastern  Standard Time
Phone:  704-233-5229

Have Your  Machine  MODEL  Number
Machine  SERIAL  Number
When You Call  if you  Expect Me to Help you!

Emailing  PHOTO  of   Machine  I.D.-Plate  is  VERY  Helpful!

Our  Email Address  is on
The  "Contact Information"  Page.
Provide Your
Machine  Model Number
Machine  Serial Number
When Calling Us,  So
We Can Serve You Better!

If  YOU  Don't Know What Your  Machine  is, 
How  The  Hell
Can We Help You???

These Numbers  Are On
Metal  I.D.-Plate
On The Side Of Your
Machine's  Frame.

Also Having the Correct
Strippit  Part  Number
You Need is Very Helpful!

Bonus  Points
if  You Know  Your
CNC  Control-Type!

Call For Our   NEW   SHIPPING  ADDRESS   &   MAILING  Address
When  Shipping  Circuit Boards  In for  Testing  &  Repairs!

You can  NOT  Ship
To our  OLD North Carolina   Address   or   P.O. Box!
Strippit  HECC80/3  FC1000/3 Machine
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We Now Take
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Strippit  FC1000/1  &  FC1000/2  Machines
Strippit  FC1250/30/1500  Machines
Strippit   FC750  and  FC750/2  Machines

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Single-Station  Strippit Punch Machine Repair Parts
As  LVD-Strippit  has  Discontinued  All  Single-Station  Punch Machines
We Now Stock some Repair Parts for
These  Strippit  Single-Station  Machines.

If you have a   Sonic15,  Sonic 18/30,   Custom 18/30,   Custom 30/30,   Super 30/30,
Custom 18/30-AG,   Super 30/30-AG,   Super 30/40HD-AG,   Custom 30/40,
Super 30/40-Mechanical,   or   Super 30/40HD,   go to Our
"Super 30/30  & Other Strippit  Single-Station Punch Machines"
Web-Page  for  Repair Information  &  Repair Parts.
Dateline   October  2016

Move to our New Shop is
Finally going into High-Gear!

Could be Disruptions with our  Phones  &  Email  Service,
so if you have trouble reaching us, try  Both
Phone  ( Leave a Message! )
  And   Email

Machine Technologies Co.   Specializes  in 
HECC80-Control  Strippit  Machines.
Our Friends at  CNC Machinery LLC  Specialize in Newer Strippit Machines that have  Fanuc  &  MAC-PC  Controls.

If You  Don't Know What  CNC Control  You Have,
Click  Here!   Strippit  CNC Control  Types

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